What You Need To Know About The Sims 4 Vampires

What You Need To Know About The Sims 4 Vampires

The Sims 4 Vampires releases tomorrow, and with it the ability to live out your nightwalker dreams. But Vampire sims work a little different from regular sims. Here’s a few tips on how to make the most of being undead.

Consider an outdoors-y type.

You don’t need to drink from other sims to get your plasma — you can also eat Plasma Fruit or drink Plasma Packs. Vampire sims can order Plasma Packs from the Internet, but to save money, you could also harvest and plant a Plasma Fruit Tree, or make Plasma Packs out of fish and frogs you catch. The trait Loves the Outdoors and the Angling Ace Aspiration will give you a boost when it comes to gardening and fishing.

Get the most out of the Create A Sim options.

Vampire sims have two forms — their normal form and their “dark,” form. The normal sim form is the default, and they will switch over to the dark form when they do some vampire business, like drain another sim of their plasma. That means you don’t have to sacrifice checking out the new brows, teeth and facial markings just because you don’t want your sim looking like Nosferatu when they’re tryna hang. It’s kinda like Buffy style vamps: the bumpy face only comes out when something is about to go down.

Save up for better Vampire Powers.

The first set of Vampire Powers you can access aren’t all the impressive — instead of dumping your Power Points into turning into a bat, it’s better to save them and use them on Occult Student. Levelling that skill up will make Vampire Powers use less of your Vampire Energy. After you put six points into that it, you’ll get access to cooler powers, like the ability or command sims to clean for you, or a Vampiric Charm that makes romance easier. If you don’t feel like you’re earning points quickly enough, you can meet other vampires and ask that they tutor you in the dark arts.

Be nocturnal.

The game will tell you that Vampires won’t die in sunlight unless their Vampire Energy meter is depleted, but they don’t really let you know how fast that meter depletes. It goes real fast! It’s tempting to spend time in the sun knowing you won’t die right away, but it’s not worth it. You’ll hardly make it longer than a few hours, and more than once I’ve been in danger of bursting into flames. It’s much less nerve wracking if you avoid the sun as much as possible. The extra time you stay awake all night can be spent prowling Lounges and Nightclub for food, or levelling up in skills.

Living alone bites.

When you’re a low level Vampire that doesn’t yet have access to Plasma Packs or can’t find a Plasma Fruit Tree, grabbing a meal can be hard. Have you considered a roommate? While it gets easier to manage your unholy thirst once you level up enough, it can be dicey in the beginning. Having another sim in your household can mitigate that. Every time you compel them to allow you to drink has a chance to fail, however, and that can really damage the two sim’s relationships. Bummer!


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    It’ll cost roughly the same amount as the current price for the base game, but won’t ever be included in any discount bundles, meaning that you’re basically paying a subscription for the latest version of the game, which has already cost each user individually thousands to stay current since launch. Enjoy!

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