Breaking Down The Origins Of The Power Rangers Comic’s Evil New Ranger

Breaking Down The Origins Of The Power Rangers Comic’s Evil New Ranger

Late last year, Boom Studio’s excellent Power Rangers comic dropped a huge bombshell with the reveal of a brand new ranger — an evil one to boot. The layers of mystery around Lord Drakkon have slowly been removed over the last few issues, and today’s new issue gives the story of how he came to be. We spoke to series writer Kyle Higgins about building up his latest bad guy.

This week’s Power Rangers #12, written by Higgins and with art by Hendry Prasetya and Matt Herms, follows up on the shocking revelation that Drakkon is actually the Tommy Oliver of the alternate world that Billy and “our” Tommy have found themselves trapped on. The two struggling rangers manage to flee from Drakkon’s pursuit with a new ally: Saba, the talking lion sword that we all know as the weapon Tommy would eventually wield as the White Power Ranger. This version of Saba, from this alternate earth, finally tells Billy and Tommy this week just how things went so horribly wrong for this world’s Power Rangers… and how it all started with the arrival of Tommy Oliver.

The initial plan is familiar enough — a brainwashed Tommy lashing out against the Rangers on Rita’s behalf — but the twist here is that, when broken free of her control, Tommy chose not to defy his master but reconfirm his place by her side. He might have been brainwashed, but he’s come to see her vision for Earth as one of improvement, rather than destruction.

Basically, she wants to make Earth great again. And it all goes downhill from there for the Rangers — who all end up being the last resistance against Tommy and Rita’s onslaught, and eventually (even with a wonderful but brief cameo from the alien rangers of Aquitar from Mighty Morphin’ Alien Rangers) fall at his hands, as Tommy transforms from the Green Ranger into the man we know as Drakkon: A suit that merges the designs of the Green and White Rangers into one sinister getup.

Check out our brief chat about the issue with Higgins below, discussing the reveal of Drakkon’s designs, where the character will go next, and just how many more hints to future seasons of Power Rangers he can cram into this Mighty Morphin’-focused comic.

When did the moment click for you and Jamal [Campbell, Power Rangers cover artist and co-designer of Drakkon’s suit] that Drakkon’s ranger suit totally had to be a mix of the white and green ranger suits? Was that early on or did it come well into the creation of Drakkon’s arc? 

Kyle Higgins: Originally, Drakkon was going to just be the White Ranger. But then, as I got into his backstory, it made sense to incorporate elements of the Green Ranger powers into his design. From there, it was a pretty organic process with Jamal working up takes, getting notes from Saban and then ultimately settling on the final look.

What inspired you to take the path you did with Rita’s slow takeover of the alternate Earth?

I think it’s more interesting, personally. And, if our current political situation in the US is any indication, entirely believable. I mean, is a Moon Witch convincing the people of Earth to let her rule them any more outlandish than Donald Trump?

You get some really cool cameos from the Aquitar Rangers into this issue. Any chance we could see them in future issues of the book, or was this your one chance to slip them into the book?

There’s always a chance, yeah. One of the things this story — hopefully — cements for us is just how much we want to do our own thing. So, if I come up with a story that makes sense for the Aquitar Rangers, I’d love to do it.

Have we learned all we’re going to learn about Drakkon’s mysterious past, or is there more to come in future issues?

Oh, there’s more to come!

Power Rangers #12 is in stores now.