Watch Jason David Frank Suit Up As An Evil Green Ranger In This Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Teaser

This week, Boom Studios' Power Rangers comics are uniting Rangers from across 25 years of dramatically flipping away from giant pyrotechnics for the line's first major crossover event. To celebrate, the original Green Ranger himself has donned the spandex once more... but not to play the Tommy Oliver you remember.

Tommy Oliver suits up once more, but not as you knew him. GIF: Jason David Frank (Youtube)

Instead, Frank - who played Tommy across the Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Turbo and Dino Thunder seasons of Power Rangers - is playing the evil, alt-reality version of Tommy that's been plaguing the Rangers for a while in the pages of Kyle Higgins and Daniele Di Nicuolo's excellent comic series. This Tommy, who now goes by the name Lord Drakkon, stood by Rita Repulsa and murdered the Rangers of his world, ruling the Earth with an iron fist.

In Shattered Grid, Drakkon finally makes his way over from his own alt-reality - where he basically has his own army of heavily armoured, cool-looking Power Rangers to boot, some of who you see in the teaser - to the main Power Rangers universe, threatening the survival of not just the Mighty Morphin' rangers, but the future teams that will come after them, too. That all sounds plenty fun, but the fact it's also given Frank the chance to suit up once again for this brief teaser is icing on the cake, really.

Shattered Grid begins in Power Rangers #25, which hits shelves March 28.



    That was actually pretty cool. The 9 year old inside me's pretty excited. :)

      Same! I've got the theme song running through my head now.

      There's a 9 year old inside you? Dude...

    He didn't kill all the rangers, some not all

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