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We’re so close to being free from the freezing cold of winter. Spring is nearly upon us, with its budding flowers, twittering birds, and the scent of pollen in the air. We’re not scientists, but we’re pretty sure it’s scientific fact that these are the perfect conditions to read a ton of new comics in. Good thing there’s some on the way!


Power Rangers has a mixed legacy when it comes to marking anniversaries. Forever Red, Wild Force’s all-Red-Ranger special, was fine. Legendary Battle, Super Megaforce’s spectacular botching of an incredible anniversary Sentai series, was... well, not fine.

At the end of this month the show will try again, but honestly, so far the comics are giving us one hell of a 25th anniversary special.


San Diego Comic-Con is just months away, which means that the Eisners - some of the most prestigious awards in comics - are close, too. The full list of nominees has been revealed today, and unsurprisingly, it's jam-packed with some damn good comics for you to read (or re-read).


The original Planet of the Apes is an all-time classic, but the beloved movie wasn't the first crack at bringing Pierre Boulle's work to the big screen. Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling wrote an early draft for the screenplay, featuring a ton of moments that never made it into the final film. And now, his story is being used as the basis for a new comic.


When you're a regular reader of a comic, you're always somewhat prepared to process whatever's about to happen in it. Forging that kind of relationship is a challenge that all new series with new characters have to face, and some comics handle it better than others. With that in mind, we've selected three new titles out this week that meet this challenge head-on - and have the potential to become your favourite new series.


A new year is upon us, filled with new opportunities and new hopes ... and lots of new comics for you read instead of fulfilling those new opportunities and hopes. Unless they were "read more comics," because boy howdy, do we have some new series we're looking forward to in the first few months of the year to show you!