China Now Has An Ugly, Giant Iron Man Statue

China has some rad giant statues, such as this Evangelion EVA-01 Test Type and this badass panda. They're great! The above faux Iron Man, however, is not. 

[Image: CFCNews]

According to CFCNews and Tencent (via ShanghaiIst), the giant Iron Man went up at a tourist spot World Cultural Heritage Expo Park in Anhui, China. 

[Image: CFCNews] The 30-meter Iron Man joins the location's Sphinx in hopes of beefing up attention numbers.

[Image: CFCNews] OK.



    Last edited 26/02/17 11:21 pm

    Stupid question, I wonder what its made of? just cause of all the tethering rope makes it look a bit odd.

    Last edited 27/02/17 8:59 am

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