What Can We Expect From An Iron Man Made In China?

China makes, well, everything. And, as recently revealed, the next Iron Man flick is going to be made with a Chinese co-partner.

The movie will be shoot in China and contain "Chinese elements" — like things the Chinese government wishes to promote?

Iron Man 3 Trailer: Made in China [YouTube]


    "The movie will be shoot in China " Shot, the movie will be SHOT in china, either Ashcraft is a semi literate twit who shouldn't be paid to write two sentance posts when he can't even get that much correct, or he's being racist and mocking the mistakes that Chinese who speak English as a second language sometimes make. Which is it Brian?

      "write two sentance posts"

      If you're gonna pick on his spelling, it's usually a good idea to get your own spelling right.

    Jesus Christ... the guy can't post shit anymore without being personally attacked. I'm sick of reading nothing but author bashing comments on this website. The authors of these articles do not owe you a damn thing, So everybody kindly STFU.

      While I agree with you to an extent, the authors kinda owe the readership everything.

      You know, since we generate profits through advertisements and whatnot.

    You click the ads?!!!

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