Look At This Cute Lil’ Overwatch Action Figure

Look At This Cute Lil’ Overwatch Action Figure

My chief complaint with Overwatch since the beta has been the lack of Overwatch action figures. And while Nendoroids aren’t quite what I had in mind, they are certainly better than nothing.

Good Smile Company announced the deal today, and while they will be making a whole line of figures, the only one shown — and the first to be released — is Tracer.

Look at those cute lil’ guns. And those cute lil’ knees. And her hair moves.

The SWOOSH behind her is a nice touch too.

It will be ¥4900 ($55), and out in August. Ominously at that price, it’s officially called “Nendoroid Tracer: Classic Skin Edition”, so get ready for 1000 more over the next few year as they cover the best skins from the game’s events.


  • Knowing nothing about these things, how is her face changing? Do they come with multiple heads?

    • usually the face plate comes off (by removing the hair)… so this tracer seems to bring 3 different face plates

    • Generally the face is like a plate on the head, it has a slot you push it into and it comes with a few face variations

    • They come with multiple face plate thingies, first you remove the hair, then the face, clip the new face in, then the hair back on. They usually come with a bunch of options for changing things, different faces/hands accessories etc.

    • Pretty sure face plates that just clip onto the main head piece. Sometimes they can come with other hair styles that work the same way.

  • Nendos are great for action poses and effect accessories – soon as they announced this my buddies and I were discussing how ideal Mercy and Lucio Nendos would be!.. or Mei with her little ice block walls… or Torbie with a chibi turret… or Genji’s luminous danger noodles…

    (I got the Megaman and Korra figures previously and it’s certainly a slippery slope for a nerd trying to budget, since Nendos are basically Pops for people with high standards)

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