Mega Man Remade In 2.5D

I don't imagine that actually being trapped between dimensions would be super fun if it, you know, happened to you, but it sure looks cool. Case in point: Mega Man 2.5D.

It's a Mega Man fan game with two claims to fame: 2.5D graphics a la Paper Mario and co-op starring Mega Man and his better-dressed pal/rival/nemesis, Proto Man. In terms of stages/bosses, it's a kind of greatest hits collection from past Mega Man games. Here's a trailer:

Mega Man 2.5D has been in development for eight years — creator Peter Sjostrand and his team released demos here and there — but now it's finally, properly out. You can grab it for free here.

Bonus points for this excellent riff on the original Mega Man's notoriously awful box art:


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