People Are Racing To See How Fast They Can Get Banned From Club Penguin

Kid-friendly browser game Club Penguin is famed for rapidly banning the use of foul language. Now that the game only has a little over a month to live, players have turned getting banned into a speedrunning challenge, with a current record time under 40 seconds.

Getting banned for profanity in Club Penguin isn't normally much of an accomplishment. The Disney-published game prides itself on providing a safe environment for children, and its anti-profanity has become the stuff of memes.

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Folks using bad words are banned quickly in Club Penguin. Now, as the game is being sunset and replaced with Club Penguin Island, the question is "how quickly?"

Pretty fucking quickly. That's current record holder 2KRN4U, who managed to go from fresh browser window to banned in 39.53 seconds, the first player (offender?) to break the 40 second mark while following the official rules.

Time starts the moment you make your first input in your fresh web browser (using a guest account on Chrome is recommended). Make the account, make a temporary email, login, get banned. Time ends when the orange window pops up telling you that your penguin account has been banned. No bookmarks, clean clipboard, no autofill from already visiting the site, no preexisting email. Play as if you just installed the browser.

While Club Penguin closes on March 29, there's still room for improvement. The competition's only been going for a couple of days now, with all of the top scores set within the past three.

Records as of this article's writing, via

Best of all, this is a speedrunning competition anyone can participate in. Just head over to the Club Penguin website and do your worst. It's a fine send-off for a game that's not been taking anybody's shit for nearly 12 years.


    As the resident speedrun defender around here, let me just say that this is dumb.

      Given how serious most speedruns are taken by the community, I like that there's one thats a little less serious. I question what dramas it causes in the Club Penguin scene though, given the focus on minors using it. Theres a reason bad language is a banable issue.

      Is there an explosion of language visable to those minors while these speedruns are A Thing? I'd hope the filters would catch them, but inevitably some would slip through.

      Theres definitely a level of tackiness to this one, but its certainly something different to the glitch based speedruns you see for the various any % lists.

        Would you be shocked to find out that most speedruns aren't super serious? There are a huge amount of silly meme games, people playing nonsense licensed games from the late 90s and categories of more established games that are solely there as a joke.

        This is just another silly meme run. One that happens to have taken over /r/speedrun for now because it's pretty much the same as the old "Pools Closed" Habbo raids from a decade ago.

        So yeah, it's a dumb thing that is happening and will eventually stop happening. Nobody is taking it seriously.

          Not really, probably a poor choice of words on my part.

    This is just too pathetic for words, and even worse is that Kotaku are inciting others to do it.

    Encouraging people to go and use profanity's in a game that is designed for Kids and presumably has children online witnessing their behavior? Why do people have to ruin everything?

    I just don't get it - this seems like pretty poor form. Especially having an article promoting it.

    Am I missing something?

      To be fair, the messages containing profanity never actually make it to the game. The system automatically picks up the offensive message, blocks it from appearing to other users, and bans the offender. Kids and children online will only see a character join and instantly leave, with no chat messages appearing from them. Seems harmless to me.

    Only took them 12 years.
    Did they see a meme in fail blog archives.

    Last edited 23/02/17 4:57 pm

    Speedrunning needs to step up their game if they're going to be crazy about it.

    "First one to get thrown out of the White House wins! Bonus points for those who get shot"

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