Please Don't Use Your Porsche 911 To Play Doom

And in the book of "things that are so insane that you should really avoid them at all costs", here's a How To guide on running the original Doom in a Porsche 911.

For reference, the driveaway price for a Porsche 911 Carerra Coupe in Australia is $236,989. Manual, by the way. The S model of the 911 Carerra will set you back $273,739. It's a lot of money.

And therein lies the problem. Because while it's cool that modern sports cars have enough tech that they can play id's iconic shooter from the 90's, the sticking point is the part where the steering wheel, shifter, accelerator, even the horn, also double as your in-game controls.

If you're morbidly curious about how to get this working, and you also have enough private property where you can drive around without crashing into inanimate objects and/or other people, you'll need a flash drive with your Porsche's VIN number on it. Plug it into the car's USB slot and start it up, which should trigger the Porsche's computer into debug mode. From there you'll be able to insert the game and select it from the console screen.

Anyone for 911 Nightmare difficulty? But seriously, maybe consider doing other things with hundreds of thousands of dollars besides playing Doom.


    Damn, Imma go get my Bugatti and try this now in my neighbours yard.

    I think he's hooked you line and sinker Alex, watch his toaster videos.

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