Gintama Movie Actors Compared With The Anime 

If the point was to find actors who looked like the anime characters, then I guess the filmmakers did that!

[Image via Nanazawa]

Via Twitter user Nanazawa, here are how the real-life actors stack up to their anime counterparts. 

[Image via Nanazawa]

[Image via Nanazawa]

The Gintama movie opens this July in Japan.


    The guy for gin is terrible. Too young and can't do the trademark dead fish eyes. I'm guessing he doesn't get the character at all....

      The actor is 34, which pretty much makes him suitable to whatever side of the age border Gin is so yeah... And perhaps we actually watch the movie to see whether can do one particular expression?

        Gin effectively maintains that expression 97% of the time. If he can't hold it for a promotional still, there's not much to look forward to. Now age wise the guy might be close to Gin sure, but he's still got the face of an asian male model not a fighter. I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt but given there isn't a single good live action movie adaption of an anime, I'll set my expectations to turd quite happily thank you.

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