No Man's Sky Has Cars Now

As someone who loved their time with No Man's Sky, I sincerely hope it finds a core audience that just sticks with it.

Especially when they continue with game changing updates like this one.

Yeah, No Man's Sky has cars now. Hello Games is calling them 'Planetary Vehicles'.

It also has 4K PlayStation 4 Pro support and a bunch of other stuff that you can explore here.

Hello Games is calling it the 'Pathfinder Update' and there appears to be a fair amount of aesthetic and game changing additions to the game. It's a tough time considering all the incredible games being released, but this seems as good a reason as any to give No Man's Sky a second chance.


    Like the Foundation update, theres a lot in this one. Click through and have a look, its a lot more than just "now with added cars". Still not going to be what people were whinging about at launch, but its clear they are adding plenty to the game, and intend to add more.

    One of the interesting ones, linked to the new vehicles, is the ability to create races on a planet, and share those races online for others to try. Think of the potential if they did that with other possible activities.

    Can also share your base as well through Steam Workshop. Not sure how that works with GoG purchased versions though (or console versions), when I get back online (monitors down - boo!!) I'll have to look.

      stop hyping this trash

        Stop assuming yours is the only opinion that matters, it comes across as trolling. If you dont want to play the game, dont, but for those that do, what I wrote was relevant.

        For the record, the game made plenty of GotY lists, so to call it trash is just a reflection on you, not the game.

          NMS is no where near GoTY material IMO, however completely agree! With both updates it is a long way from trash now!

          The way Hello acted was terrible, but they could have stopped and not added anything, instead they've made 2 major, and great upgrades, cheers for the post on it!!

            Yeah I wouldnt be calling it GoTY myself, but I've seen it in the Top 5 on plenty of sites (hence GoTY lists, not GoTY specifically - most go with Overwatch on that), so it appealed to a good number of commentators.

            What it achieved, even at launch, WAS incredible, it just wasnt what plenty of people expected. People went in expecting Skyrim, and got Journey instead. Or Flow. Something totally different to expectations, but still an achievement.

            Its going to be a polarising game for as long as people game.

    In before NMS Shitposting™ :)

      It deserved it on launch, but it may become a decent game by the time it stops being updated. For me, I'm waiting for that day, and then I'll play NMS again.

      Let's not rewrite history. NMS deserved all the shitposting it got at first. It's been revealed as an early access title and it got slammed as it should've been. However that being said, they've been hard at work, and I for one appreciate their efforts in rectifying the situation, I appreciate the content and I think they're doing a great job in fixing what was an initial fuckup. They could've backed off, said 'well there's the game, have it', but instead, sure they went quiet, but they had their nose to the grindstone and have been steadily and thoroughly proving people wrong. Sean Murray was criticised for talking too much, so he shut up, worked hard and now he's proving he's got the ability, he just needs the opportunity.

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        He kinda had his opportunity, multiple opportunities in fact and he chose to squander them.

        If he wants another chance, he will need to talk about what happened.
        It won't be pretty, but pretending there isn't an elephant in the room has only had negative results so far.

          *deleted due to moderation, repasted below in reply to Grunt*

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          Cant say I blame him though. Given the way the wind was blowing, I doubt ANYTHING he said would have appeased the fanatics. Given there were death threats against journalists for merely suggesting it would ship late (it did), imagine what would be reserved for Sean Murray in the weeks after release...

          It might be time NOW to talk about it, but September last year certainly wasnt it.

            I do have an answer up there. It's just awaiting moderation for some reason, I'll repost it here and delete the other.

            From earlier:

            I disagree entirely, if he wants another chance, he has to put up or shut up. I don't want talk, I don't want to hear company speak about 'what happened'. I want cold, hard data on my harddrive. At this point, he's finally doing the right thing with the patches, he's proving himself where it counts and he's not fumbling with the media giving half promises, empty comments and misleading information. He's *finally* letting the work speak for itself, which should've been the case all along.

            People get so caught up wanting explanations, wanting apologies, wanting a giant circlejerk over 'what happened' these days, that when someone buckles down and actually delivers, it shocks them (I mean, to be fair here again, I'm surprised as hell they're delivering too). So kudos to them for actually proving us wrong in thinking they'd simply abandon it.

            So yeah, I don't care what they have to say, just keep putting out quality patches like these last two and get it done.

            *Note*: Just spent 2 hours playing the new patch, it's pretty bloody good!

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              I started reading that thinking you were disagreeing with ME :)

              You're spot on, people expect all sorts of things here that are unreasonable. I was sick of it in September, I'm still sick of it now. While mistakes were made, just fix them (as he has been doing), and dont waste time trying to please people that wont give him the time of day.

              What pissed me off the most though was the double standards people applied. There are far more games deserving of the hatred that spewed out with NMS, yet nobody ever whinges that FIFA is just last years model with a new hat, or that every Bethesda game is a buggy mess on release.

              Enjoy the frikin game for what it is, not what you imagine it should be.

                Like I said up above, they deserved at the time to be slammed. They also took it in stride, they didn't throw tantrums, they buckled down and worked on it. So I give them full credit and respect. We're seeing the fruits of their labours now, so I'm not regretting buying the game now. However that being said, I do hope they learnt a big lesson from this situation, where if it's going to be essentially 'early access', not to get suckered in by the big prospects of a company like Sony pushing them and over-promoting them and just accepting their game for what it is.

                Spot on with Fifa and Bethesda too, FO4 is still a buggy pile of shit.

                It wasn't my imagination, it was Murray's
                He said what the game was, I just gave him the benefit of the doubt that it would at least be close to what he claimed.
                I can't really do anything about that.

                yet nobody ever whinges that FIFA is just last years model with a new hat, or that every Bethesda game is a buggy mess on release.
                On the subject of imagination....nobody ever?
                One Google search for any of those would argue otherwise.

                  I meant to anywhere near the same level. Its not even close compared to the sheer hatred focussed on HelloGames, and Sean Murry specifically. Was a generalised statement, in that different standards are applied to different games.

                  But fair enough, there is whinging on those games. Its part of why I listed them specifically.

                  I probably should have put it that "theres nowhere near the same level of complaints" or something more like that.

                  That was clearly hyperbole to emphasise the overwhelming forgiveness one publisher receives for bringing out Malibu stacey with a new hat repeatedly over anothers utter crucifixion by people and the media at large (which I myself have taken part in).

                  The difference with FIFA and Bethesda games though is that they're expected. The fans of FIFA know that they're getting something similar to before and Bethesda fans know that while they'll have a cool new world to explore, they're also going to have a bunch of bugs for a while.
                  The reason NMS annoyed people was that it was unexpected to be missing things. I always think back to a weekly update by Bungie during Reach's development where they (very regretfully) went through a list of animals that had to be cut from the game.
                  They had talked about how it was full of a variety of lifeforms and then when they realized they couldn't actually have them in the game, they cut them to stop the bugs. Even though they were literally just AI that ran around the map, Bungie still told people that it was no longer the game they had said it was going to be.

                  On topic though, I might have a look through these patch notes and see if anything grabs me. I played a little in the last update but was kind of thrown off when my home base planet was changed (along with the rest of the galaxy for obvious reasons).
                  I do hope that it ends up a good game though, but I just wish that they had marketted it as a long term beta.

              Oh I can only imagine the expletive ridden hatred your moderated comment contained!!
              Ha, I jest, it's always the normal comments following something else entirely.

              I agree, how you conduct yourself following a mistake is a big part of it.
              And no, more duck-dodge-dive PR is certainly not the ticket.

              Personally I'm big on communication, sometimes it's not good news and some loud twats will definitely ruin it for the rest of us, but I don't believe it's unfair to want that particular subject addressed.

              Action is one thing, but reaching out isn't going to hurt them.
              Sure, some will be as angry as they are now, flail about making noise, but some will return.

                I can see where you're coming from, at some point down the line I think it's a good idea to give a retrospective on the screwups they went through and quite frankly, put responsibility back on the media AND the consumers for over-loading the expectations of the game too. It's pretty much a perfect storm of screwing up. Murray did more than his share of the part, so did the media, so did we. If someone were so enticed, this would be the very property to explore for some sort of short documentary I'd say into how fans can be their own worst enemies for expectations.

        They have definitely done more than most developers do when a game is shit at launch, they stuck with it and it is a long term goal for them. The biggest mistake was the hype got out of hand and they went with it, and that can happen to anyone, so kudos to Sean for being a trooper and sticking by it.

        I'm going to reinstall this when I get the chance, need a bigger HDD

    Hmm on sale on PSN at the moment for $22, too. It might be time to finally take the plunge...

    Excellent! This looks like a fun update.

    I love how they're giving new life to this game - if they released in this state, it would have been praised instead of slammed lol

    Credit to them for updating and improving it! Yay!

    @0:17 They could have at least got video capture for their video that wasn't horribly jerky.....

    Hopefully if it ever comes to Xbone some day, it'll be all patched up and not too bad

    I'm quite curious as to how Pro support improves performance in the game. Texture pop-in and level of detail improvements are what I'm hoping for.

    Update also has HDR support. Damn, wish I had a HDR TV. This was already a very pretty game. HDR could make it look spectacular!

      I wouldn't get your hopes up too high about pop in and LOD, as these still were pretty bad on powerful PCs, it may be improved a bit but it will still be very noticeable.

    I wasn't on board at launch so I missed all the teeth-grinding. I started my journey with the 1.1 update (PS4) and I'm loving it.

    Was very excited by this update (haven't played NMS since September) and then read that you can only use the vehicles on your home/base planet. Just one planet. Who thought that that was the best way to implement the land vehicles??

    Okay.... so you've got vehicles to travel on planets.... but.... what is the point? I played no-man's sky for 25 hours and I have to say that of the planets I visited, most had terrain unsuited for vehicles, and crucially..... NONE of them had anything on them that was worth spending time on. When I found out early on that all the stations and bases and a lot of the resources were the same from one planet to the next, I stopped caring about exploring a planet, because there's nothing on them - the planets are not even really planets, they consist of only a small chunk of land endlessly copied with minor variations. Yeah, cool, I have a car and I have a base I can build on a planet.... for what purpose? No man's sky is all about travelling the nigh-endless galaxy - they should focus on giving players something to do in space and quests involving different star-systems and making the space stations better or adjusting ship combat. Giving us more options to explore and stay on a single solitary world is just bizarrely against the spirit of the game, and just... well... pointless.

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