Old Raids Are Coming Back To Destiny

Destiny, a video game in which your Guardian will remain with you for the next 10 years, will come to a close in 2017. Before that, however, Bungie has one more update planned, and it will bring back the Vault of Glass, as we all expected.

The above video confirms as much, along with teasing the first of three Twitch reveal streams for the “Age of Triumph” update that will hit this autumn. The first stream will go live on Thursday at 5AM AEDT.


  • Hang on. The video confirms nothing except there will be a new record book. We won’t know if they are scaling old raids or anything like that till the streams. The raids never left Destiny they just became obsolete.

    I’m all for speculation but let’s not pretend speculation is truth. Call it for what it is thanks.

    • You are 100% correct, however there is overwhelming evidence that at least VoG will be brought back with higher light levels – Fatebringer in the video shoots kinetic, not arc bullets which is a change from year 1, new VoG inspired armour has been shown by Bungie and it would make very little sense to re-design armour sets without bringing up to current light levels, amongst quite a few other pieces of evidence. They’ve basically done everything but announce new light level VoG.

      Still, technically you are correct.

      • The evidence is overwhelming but I just think we should all manage our expectations so we don’t get heaps of whining comments later when people get let down.

        Oh who am I kidding it’s the internet.

  • Maybe it will never happen for me. I was never “up to speed” to play the raids before and now i am a lapsed player and waiting for home internet again.

  • I got to 400 light a few months ago and after playing Titanfall 2, Destiny is so slow. Sooooooo sssssslllllloooooooooooowwwwwwww.
    Game mechanics need to update to add wall running, executions and add a bloody titan every now and then for good measure! That said, I am keen for Destiny 2 as that will truly be the next gen version as it won’t have to cater for PS3 or 360.

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