Report: The Next Call Of Duty Is Call Of Duty: WWII

Eurogamer sources have confirmed that a series of images leaked last week via YouTube are referencing this year's entry in the long-running series, Call of Duty: WWII.

Source: TheFamilyVideoGamers on YouTube

YouTube channel TheFamilyVideoGamers received the images from an anonymous source last week. Both the email received and the images it contained were shown on a video on the YouTube channel.

The images depict what looks to be several poster concepts, along with four different steelbook case concepts. Eurogamer sources say these images relate to this year's Call of Duty game, developed by Sledgehammer Games, the studio responsible for 2014's Advanced Warfare.

During a financial call back in February, Activision told investors that last year's game, Infinite Warfare, "didn't resonate" with fans, saying that the next instalment would return the franchise to its roots. The first three instalments of Call of Duty were set during World War II.


    Did you ever let your game get so long in the tooth that you had to name your game, "Game: The First Game."

    Well, there goes any interest I had in this year's CoD.

      Are you four?

    Haven't played a COD since Black Ops. Looks like this may be the first one I buy since then.

    I was hoping for the Boer War.

      Now that would be interesting! It would be a fantastic setting, Although weapon variety may not be all that crash hot... they all used martini-Henry rifles and older muzzle loaders =\

      Last edited 29/03/17 10:54 am

        Henry's are great to shoot, just don't imagine the thrill would translate to a video game well.

      But the US wasn't involved in that conflict, so by definition it is boring and no one would buy it :)

        I think you meant... Boering.

        Never mind, I'll show myself out.

    There's a time to stop and they've clearly passed it. I thought we got over this stuff back in the 2000s?

    I really enjoyed the original CoD's and even Modern Warfare got a huge playtime, but the last few iterations have been shocking. Here's hoping for a return to it's roots.
    Still waiting for Call of Duty: Antarctic Assault - Attack of the King Penguins with optional Fairy Penguin DLC

    The WW2 CoD's were some of my favourites so I am glad they are going back. I certainly wasn't going to buy the game if it was another jetpack fest, now it is a maybe purchase.

      My uncle works at Activision and told me that jetpacks will be a pay-to-win DLC add on. Also you can get mustard gas in the trenches in the same way. Can't wait!

    CoD's modern stuff really doesn't appeal to me. I'm glad they are returning to WW2. Hopefully they don't just go the saving Ryan's cods route with the same old campaigns though. A bit of LRDG or Kokoda action would be good.

    Edit: and St. Nazaire... Fuck me but that would be a cracker of a mission!

    Last edited 30/03/17 9:15 pm

    I'd buy this if the campaign took precedence over the cookie-cutter, been-there-done-that multiplayer, was longer than six hours, actually challenged you instead of holding your hand like an extra-long interactive film and encouraged a bit of exploration instead of being one step away from a rail shooter.

    Looks like I'm keeping my money then.

    I almost became interested, but then I remembered it's still going to be COD and most likely a disrespectful Michael Bay-inspired dudebro interpretation of WWII where the main goal is to shoot as many "evil foreigners" as possible.

    Nope, no thanks.

      Naw man they going to have a FPS where you run around putting flowers in peoples rifles muzzles....

      Well you know jack all about WW2 know don't you

        I guess not. I'll go find a text book and brush up on how America single-handedly won WWII through their use of super-soldiers with Wolverine's healing factor, akimbo SMGs and explosions.

          Whats actually your suggested alternative? Unless they do it like the first section of Battlefield 1 where they don't distinguish a campaign player, you'd be headed back to the medics camp at the start of the lvl every time you copped a flesh wound or fell from too great a height.

            Medkits? How about putting the player in a squad with an NPC medic they can call over for assistance? I also wouldn't mind simply encouraging the player to not get hit. The original CoD removed medkits entirely on the highest difficulty setting and upped damage significantly so you were forced to use cover properly.

            However CoD wouldn't do any of that, not anymore. It would slow the game down too much for their liking as if they need to keep up a certain quota of "evil foreigners shot per minute". Nowadays it seems to be all about each new game one-upping the previous one with their set pieces and action sequences. The fact that they've gone to space shows how out of control it's become. Where they hell can you go after you go to space? I can see why the next one would go back to WWII...

            No, CoD isn't for me and I'm extremely cynical about it given how frequently they're released.

          America didn't win it but they clearly turned the tide in the Allies favour.

    I wonder what they will "Press X" to do this time?

    Let's watch them make an alt-reality WW2 where science has advanced faster and soldiers have exosuits and laser rifles

      The Germans had those things. Fake News erased it from the history books.

    Plot twist: that's not WW2, but World at War 2 (ah, set in WW2).

    After Black Ops2 the franchise went to crap, but back to ww2 wtf? apparently everyone has forgotten about Vietnam & Korea, & if anyone says that pos shellshocked show yourself to the door

    I can 100% vouch for this artical. Im printing the boxart at my workplace. And it is the same as the leaks. I got a bad photo of it because if i got caught id lose my job.

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