Here’s Our First Look At Call Of Duty: WWII

Here’s Our First Look At Call Of Duty: WWII

Described as “gritty” and “visceral” and “boots on the ground” and all of the other buzzwords you’ve come to expect from a military shooter, here’s Call of Duty: WWII, coming November 3 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

This one is developed by Sledgehammer Games, the studio last responsible for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in 2014. They’re hyping the game as an authentic look at World War II, and it’s certainly a departure for the series after the last few years of modern and futuristic warfare.

Call of Duty: WWII will take place between 1944 and 1945, Sledgehammer says. You’ll play as a young private who’s “seeing his first real action” in the Battle of Normandy, and fight across the European Theatre. There’ll be a Nazi zombie co-op campaign, a multiplayer Axis vs. Allies mode, and even some sort of lobby:

In a livestream promoting the new game, representatives used the word “visceral” roughly 7000 times. There’ll be a private beta later this year.


    • Every 12 months. But 6 months out from the release date they start the marketing for the new game. I guess this is why it feels like its every 6 months.

  • This genre feels completely played out to me, the barrel scraped clean long ago. They keep stamping them out so obviously we keep buying them even though it’s hard to distinguish titles from each other. Well played marketing department.

  • No slow-mo door breaching scene?? Pass….

    (Slightly) more serious note, this would be a fitting conclusion to a decade-long circle we walked given the first COD made a point of not doing Normandy because that was what Medal of Honor and every other WWII shooter did to the death…

    • My favourite Normandy game was Brothers in Arms because it was just about Normandy and the paratroopers. Such a solid and focused game with fun squad mechanics.

      • Didn’t COD2 do the cliff Climb with the Rangers at Pont Du Hoc??

        It was kind of their way of saying “We’ll do Normandy but still don’t have to do the cliche beach running…” until now.

  • If they could make it a harsh realistic look at WW2 and not a Hollywood explosionfest of adventure, arsenals of experimental guns, perfect cut scenes… ah who am I kidding, it’s COD and they want a piece of Battlefield’s gritty pie and will likely be as “realistic”, with story trumping realism 🙁

    I would love a historically accurate game that really is “THIS is the story of what it was like”, not anything we’re likely to get here

  • Nazis are apparently in vogue at the moment anyway, so interesting to see how this plays out.

    I imagine it’ll be the best selling COD for a while.

    • They saw what EA did with BF1 and they’re going to ride that “historical” train into the ground.

      • Yup, They copied Titanfall, Made 3 games while Titanfall 2 only release late last year? ! Lol Now they are copying Battlefield & they aren’t even telling the untold stories of ww2, There just ding their Steven Spielburg interpretation of removing all allies bar the Americans from ww2 lol.

  • How about a campaign from the opposing force for a change, I’d find a game way more interesting if say they were told from the axis POV, I know it might be seen as largely immoral but playing as a German soldier pressed into war because of Hitler and his ss….. the player then struggles with his own morality and sanity ala. Spec ops the line

    But hey may aswell play as an American yet again

    • God forbid we ever play something that isn’t an American in WWII. There are so many awesome battles and scenarios that could be used that it’s a real shame that we just keep coming back to Americans, Normandy, and the Battle of the Bulge.

    • I can only think of one part of the war from the Axis side that you could turn into game without accidentally painting it as praising the Nazi’s. That’s the very end, just before the fall of Berlin where the German Wehrmacht fought against the Soviet Union to keep a corridor open to allow civilians and other German army units to surrender to the Western Allies. There was even reports of Wehrmacht soldiers clashing with SS over the thought of surrendering rather than fighting to the death.

      • There’s a few more but that would actually be an outstandingly interesting centerpiece for a game. You could centralise on what it meant to be a German fighting for his country and his beliefs without sinking to the depths of having to ‘be a nazi’.

    • It makes me wonder how German players feel about playing WWII FPS games. Do they have conflicted responses, knowing that the bad guys are Nazis, but also their ancestors as well? I have watched Youtube videos of German players flying Luftwaffe aircraft in games such as IL-2 Sturmovik, and there isn’t that same issue of ideology as you have in FPS games.

      • If my grandparents were still alive, I’d ask them how they’d feel. I’m sure someone out there would have done an opinion piece on the subject. It would be interesting to know

      • The german rating board is quite strict on what games are allowed especially war based or violent ones. I’d assume that they would havs to source alot out of their own country.

  • Revolutionary. I’m so excited for this game, the first game brave enough to do a WW2 first person shooter. I feel like it’s a really underrepresented setting in film and gaming that deserves to be explored. I mean, how many people have even heard of Hitler and the Nazis today? This game will shed some much needed light on this obscure but important period in history.

    • Can’t wait to equip my purple MLG skinned bazooka and do some 360 no scope jumps in order to get my Airstrike kill streak, just like grand pappy did.

    • I’m more curious to see newcomers reaction(s) when they learn about Imperial Japan.

  • was it just me or did that just look like a LOT of quick time events to sit through…

  • Battle of Normandy *again* in a WW2 game *sigh*. It’s not like there’s a plethora of incidents to explore? But I guess when you’re going back to the well, why not just suck every drop from it before moving on…

  • I’m kind of interested, in that I enjoyed the first Call of Duty, but never another since then. That being said, I wasn’t able to sit through the trailer before getting bored.

  • Oh wow, COD set in WW2? That can’t possibly work 😛
    Next you’ll be telling me something crazy like the next Battlefield will be set in WW2.

    Where are they coming up with these crazy untested ideas!

    • Battlefield WW2 being next is almost a guarantee. I imagine the folks at Sledgehammer thought the same and decided to beat them to it.

  • Strip away all the negative hype around the brand and franchise…..(The last I played was COD4 Modern Warfare)…it looks like an enjoyable enough shooter, don’t you think?

  • I get that WWII has been done to death in the past, but in all honesty, none of them look anywhere near as good as this. I’m ready to throw away all of the futuristic wall running, jet pack jumping, exoskeleton crap behind and revisit this kind of gameplay. Even though Call of Duty is an annual franchise, their campaigns are always miles ahead of the Battlefield games (not to mention that this is the first time since MW2 that I might be interested in the multiplayer component if they can make it feel a little more like the earlier iterations of said franchise).

    • The textures look better but the animation looks as average as every other CoD game. The really need to update that

    • Red Orchestra looked better than this. This is uninspired & generic as hell, No one who worked on the Modern Warfares are working on this, It’s an entirely different studio. The studio that introduced boost jumping & supply drops are making this, That’s a negative, Don’t buy into the hype friend .

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