Steam Group Helps Players Prevent Carpal Tunnel

PC games can confer all sorts of positive benefits: Improved spatial reasoning, a sense of community, the best video games (don't @ me) and so on. They can also destroy your damn wrists.

Carpal Tunnel Prevention is a handy Steam group dedicated to keeping your precious digits in working order. They send out regular alerts reminding people to get up and stretch, and they provide resources to help people identify carpal tunnel and repetitive strain injury. They also offer exercises you can do to prevent those issues.

Given that carpal tunnel and related issues can cut your gaming days woefully short, it's important to make sure you're taking care of yourself. Hands and wrists are fragile! They are also vindictive. Be kind to them, or they might try to choke you in the night.


    Carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injuries are 2 different things.

      i think the general idea is that either will fuck your hands up. And i imagine the preventative exercises for one would be similarly effective for the other

        Some do yes.
        Carpel tunnel syndrome is a blanket outcome for dozens of issues. Being obese can cause carpel tunnel as well as thing like bone deformities, diabetes and over use. That's why now days there is an attempt to separate CTS and RSI as 2 different seperate things.
        I had a friend with the aforementioned bone issue, diagnosed as CTS, it required surgery to fix and all the exercises in the world just made it worse. Like I said is a blanket term, but from occupation or gaming it should be called RSI.

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