Carpal Tunnel Explained In Five Minutes

Image: Youtube (u/Blitz Esports LoL)

Gamers have a tendency to take things to the extreme, their bodies included. So with that in mind, it's probably a good time to remind you how serious carpal tunnel is, and how easily it can be avoided.

Matt Hwu is a doctor of physical therapy who also happens to double as a head of physical performance and esports medicine for Counter-Logic Gaming. So understandably, he comes across carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI and other wrist, forearm and finger-related injuries.

Plenty of StarCraft, Counter-Strike and League of Legends players have retired or taken breaks from gaming and their careers as a result. But it's something that can affect regular gamers, and even if the pain you're feeling in your wrist and hands isn't carpal tunnel, learning about how to prevent carpal tunnel can still improve the quality of your setup.

If you'd rather read a full transcript of the video, you can do so over at Blitz Esports. The main takeaway from all of this is that carpal tunnel is preventable, and management isn't difficult provided you make the necessary changes in your setup.


    I had Carpal Tunnel from a bad wrist fracture. Ended up having the surgery about 10 years ago, still have some diminished sensation and pain occasionally but them's the breaks

    Was on drought for years; being the little social butterfly that I was not, League was the least of my worries when it came to carpal tunnel.

    That being said ranked play tears used to help with wrist issues.

    Small background with this: my mother worked as a typist a long, long time ago, and later in life it resulted in her needing to have dual carpal tunnel surgery. I took six months off university to help care for her - when you can't use both wrists, it fucks up your life a bit - and I've always been a bit sensitive to RSI/carpal tunnel injuries ever since.

    Look after your hands, people.

    Had to have physio on my elbow from the way I hold my Vita.

    Handy info!
    I tattoo for a job and have had a hand/wrist injury recently from overworking and manual labor im certainty not used to doing. It was very concerning injury since i cant pay my bills and support my family without the use of my hands! So thankyou @alexwalker for that article (:

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