Tales From The Borderlands And Alienation Headline PlayStation Plus Lineup For May

Image: Tales From The Borderlands

May's PlayStation Plus lineup features Alienation and Tales from the Borderlands. As ever, these games are only "free" if you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription.


  • Tales from the Borderlands
  • Alienation


  • Blood Knights
  • Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants

PS Vita (crossbuy on PS4)

  • Laser Disco Defenders
  • Type:Rider


    Alienation is freaking awesome, but I already have it :( No idea about Tales From the Borderlands, but I think I'm pretty much over the whole Telltale thing at this point.

      If you like the Borderlands universe, it's well worth your time. A good game in its own right, it nails the Borderlands aesthetic and elevates from good to great.

        I couldn't get into Borderlands, but I loved the Telltale take on it. It's very, very funny, and I loved the characters.

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          That's a really interesting take, actually. I've always assumed that without already being in to the lore / vibe of the "normal" games it'd be difficult to get in to the Tales side. Good to know that they hold up even if you're not already a fan.

            Telltale seems particularly good at that sort of thing. The Walking Dead Telltale series was the first experience I had of the franchise.

            Same with Wolf Among Us, and Tales of the Borderlands. They all work on a level that appeals to newbies, while (apparently) offering tonnes of great Easter Eggs to long-time fans.

      If there is ONE TellTale game to play it would be Tales From the Borderland

      The soundtrack, the humour, the story, the humour, the artwork, the humour.

      And seriously can you fix the EDIT option guys...

      Whilst it's fair to say if you've played a Telltale game before you know exactly what to expect from TFtB, it still manages to be a cut above a lot of their games. Great characters and humour, particularly if you like Borderlands.

      I guess if you're over telltale it probably won't do much for you, but I'm most of the way through it now and it's my first telltale game and it's turned out to be a great story. At least so far :P

    So Australia doesn't get Abzu, but Alienation instead? That's a massive let down for me.

      I've got both and Alienation is definitely the better of the two. At least so far as you can actually compare 2 games that are so different.

        Agreed, Alienation is the better game imo. But it's an unfair comparison because they are completely different games.

      I already own Abzu, so this month is good for me.

      Haven't tried Alienation. Wasn't going to get it, but now it's part of PS+, I'll give it a try. Especially since people seem to be talking it up.

    I was looking at purchasing alienation the other day I am glad I held off now.

    Alienation & Tales from the Borderlands are both great, but I already have them.

    Sad that Abzu being a freebie was US only, but I'll give Alienation and Tales from the Borderlands a go! Type:Rider has been in my Wishlist for a while now too.

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