The Most Infamous Swimming Pool In Japanese Pornography

Ask anyone who's ever seen an adult movie in Japan. Or, at least, anyone who has ever spent some time on the internet. More than likely, they will know this swimming pool.

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This article was originally published on 11 February 2014. It contains content some readers might find objectionable.

In Japanese, the pool is called "that pool" (あのプール or ano puuru) or "the usual pool" (例のプール or rei no puuru).

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It's been featured in numerous Japanese adult movies, and it's become part of the country's internet subculture.

No wonder the pool was recreated by a Japanese Minecraft player.

(Actually, created by many Minecraft players.)

People have brought it to life other ways.

In 2013, it even popped up in Weekly Jump, a manga for kids, as a gag.

The real pool is located in a Shinjuku high rise and embodies the country's past economic excesses.

A Japanese television show featured the pool once, explaining that thespian and Darkrai voice actor Koji Ishizaka once lived in the apartment, but has long since moved out. The years that followed made the resident's swimming hole infamous.

In 2004, Akiba Blog points out, that pool made an appearance in an adult film called Complete Conquest: Swimming Race Bathing Suits.

The pool is now owned by P-Studio, which rents out the apartment for shoots.

The pool has appeared in so many adult films that a tome on it was first published in late 2013.

It features interviews with porn stars, factoids, bikini pics and a list of movies featuring the pool.

Here the pool is an advertisement for adult toys.

It shows up in adult games.

And in nearly adult games.

As a gag, a faux background was created for cosplayers to take jokey photos.

The pool has knowingly appeared in anime, too. However, the swimming pool also shows up in places you'd never expect.

Kamen Rider Fourze (above), which is aimed at children, featured the pool in an innocuous scene — something that was quickly noticed online in Japan.

Other dramas, including one starring famous actress Satomi Ishihara, featured the pool — which likewise caused amusement online.

Above, mainstream detective show Aibou featured the pool in an episode, creating a slew of puns online with the show's name: "aibou" written as 相棒 means "partner" or "buddy"; however, "aibou" written as 愛棒 means "love stick".

Love stick, huh? A good title for a possible porn parody of the show — no doubt with scenes shot on location at the country's most infamous swimming pool.


    Never seen the pool before, guess I need to watch more porn?

      I'm not ashamed to say that I've seen it, many, many times.

    "anyone who has ever spent some time on the internet"

    Hahaha not even close. Dude you just wrote an article about how much you love asian porno.

    I'm certain Brian posted an article about this pool on Kotaku like 2 years ago.

    Last edited 19/04/17 10:44 pm

      11 February 2014, to be exact. It's bolded near the top of the article, but it might not have been there when you read it earlier.

    I was going to ask why the second picture was censored but then I realised that is probably how it was on the original DVD.

      Nope, that's Kotaku (although Japanese censoring is mildly annoying until your eyes and brain start getting so used to it that they automagically depixelify the image).

    Thank you for this amazing well written article. Makes me feel blessed to be apart of this community.

    I gotta ask, do they take their shoes off there?

    First time seeing the pool, I may be using the Internet wrong.

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