First Look At Four New Overwatch Skins

There's a whole bunch of new stuff coming to Overwatch as part of the game's first birthday celebrations, among them these four new skins.

Via the official Chinese Facebook page for the game (and the Korean Twitter account), below you can see a new look for Bastion, Pharah, Soldier 76, and best of the bunch, Zarya.

Here they are standing still if you want to get a closer look:


    Rubbish, thankfully. I didn't need any temptation now that I've finally let Overwatch have a rest from my play rotation.

    I don't really like Overwatch as a game, but I always thought Pharah(sp?) would look awesome in some 40k inquisitor inspired armour.

    Missed opportunity, I think think they should have unlocked all the event stuff for a week. Would have been perfect for a year anniversary to be able to snag the odd outfit that people may have missed throughout the year.

    Really not a fan of any of those.

    And what the hell is up with Soldier's feet?!

    Wow, they managed to make skins look even more shit than previous ones. Kudos Blizzard, kudos

      From what I've heard, these are apparently based on the original concepts for the characters.

      That's why Soldier has robot feet, Bastion has the whole rollcage thing going on, etc etc.

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