Guy And His Dad Are The Ultimate Battlegrounds Team

Turns out, the keys to success in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and family life are one in the same. It's all about communication. With your dad.

PUBG is a game fraught with moments of panic and uncertainty. It's hard to find a duos partners who can keep it together under pressure — let alone communicate effectively when shit is just chilling on the ground, multiple feet away from the proverbial fan.

That's why Zach T and his dad, who's in his sixties, are so impressive. They're a well-oiled machine, unflinching despite constant pressure, peril, and frying pans. They pick up chicken dinners like single men in the Hungry Man section of the frozen foods aisle.

The last video, especially, is just great. They call out enemy positions constantly and always have each other's backs. Seriously, if you want some PUBG team play pointers, you could do a lot worse than watching a few of these videos. Same if you're looking to be a better dad, to be honest. And really, aren't we all?


    That line about "single men" hits uncomfortably close to home.

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