If You're Playing Professional Overwatch, You Might As Well Have Fun

GIF: Twitch (u/FullCircle)

If you're going to play Overwatch even semi-professionally, you might as well have fun while you do it.

The above came from last night's matches in the Overwatch Pacific Championships, an offline league in Taiwan featuring teams from across the Asia-Pacific. Australia's representative, Blank Esports, are sitting third with a four game lead over the next place.

But the real winners of the league so far have been the cheeky members of Hong Kong's FireBall. They've been gaining fans for their exciteable introductions before each match, and the latest was no exception.

FireBall's humour didn't stop them from being stomped 3-0 by the Australians, who showed off just how effective Sombra can be as a defender with teamwipes like this:

The Overwatch Pacific Championship runs for another couple of months. You can keep track of all the results over at Liquidpedia, or follow the English broadcasters on FullCircle's Twitch page.


    I thought having fun playing games had been outlawed as of last year because it causes the "Cringe".

    More of this please, Less of the shouting insults at each other. Makes esport athletes look like a bunch of immature teenagers.

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