The First Reactions For Wonder Woman Are Spectacular

The release of Wonder Woman is just a few short weeks away and DC's latest film is currently screening for the media. Full reviews are still under embargo — but tonight, Warner Bros. allowed non-spoiler reactions on social media, and they were almost overwhelmingly positive.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Image: Clay Enos/ TM & © DC Comics

Here are some reactions from people who've seen Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman.

Wow. That is awesome.

This has to be almost cathartic for fans, not just of DC, but comic book films in general. It feels like so much is riding on this movie. First, there were the negative reviews for the last few DC films. Those created massive tensions not just among the filmmakers but fans in general. Wonder Woman being a film that critics and fans can all champion will be a nice change of pace.

Plus, there's the even bigger fact this is the first solo female superhero film, something Hollywood has actively avoided for a long time. Positive reactions like this go a long way to making sure it won't be the last.

We'll have much more on Wonder Woman, including a full review, as we lead up to its release. But for now, just bask in the knowledge that you have a kick-arse movie coming on June 1.


    I don't know. If that 4chan thread is to be believed...

      You said 4chan, so yeh most likely don't believe it. If you're talking about the one that says it's a disaster, Midnights Edge and many others have dismissed that via people who have already seen it. They said it just needed some editing otherwise it was pretty good. It's had a few more months of editing and FX work, so who knows?

        You can't listen to Midnights Edge! They're sexist for not loving the Ghostbusters reboot! ]:(

        Last edited 19/05/17 5:16 pm

          LOL oh man then I must be the biggest, sexist misogynist and Kotaku has to write articles against me now...

            and a Nazi.


              Grammar Nazi my dear friend.

              I am an English teacher officially in 4 weeks time! :D

              Although, technically you should've said "A Nazi too."

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                I'm not sure the N in grammar nazi should be capitalised. I'm aware of the irony of this comment.

                  It should be, Nazi is a title, therefore should be capitalized. :)

                You mean unemployed and looking for trt work in 4 weeks time ;)

                  Unlikely, I'm in Queensland where there's no shortage, not NSW ;)

                Being that it is 2am and I'm having trouble sleeping, I looked into it and I suppose it could go either way. I always kind of read grammar nazi as an adjective, as in being a nazi about grammar means super strict and aggressive. But you're right that works as a title too.

            Lol. Yes. Shame on you for disliking a movie where the most interesting things to rock up were KM and the property itself;)

    Yeah, i dont believe it for a second, because alot of early reports for SS and BVS were very positive in those free early viewings.

    Batman v Superman's pre-opening was the same.

    Many, many online film critic and superhero movie blogs took to fighting the plebs cries of "hahah see critics don't matter" head on and acted as immaturely as those trolls did, so if you happened to actually like the movie (like me) and wanted to go read about it on the internet YOU WOULD REGRET IT.

    The Wonder Woman movie's early positive buzz is nothing to get too excited about, these movies have a stigma about them which is unfair because WB has been at pains to explain how even though they are establishing a mutli-facted movie tie-in universe, they are allowing each production's director and creative teams to essentially make each movie their own as well.

    Oh there's my bag of full stops.

    Being the best DCEU film to date is not the hardest thing to do.

    I'll wait for the actual critical and popular reception, literally everything since Nolan has been a pile of flaming garbage.

    Plus, there's the even bigger fact this is the first solo female superhero film, something Hollywood has actively avoided for a long time.
    Catwoman and Supergirl say hi.

      I'm pretty sure Catwoman had more to do with the lack of movies :P

        Irrespective of its quality, it was a solo female superhero film produced by Hollywood and with wide release in theatres. So I don't see how Wonder Woman can claim this as a first.

        I guess we can also add the Elektra movie to the list too.

          I don't think the movie or its producers are claiming that, I think it's just the article author claiming that.

      I still cannot believe Catwoman had a higher budget than Wonder Woman... how the hell.

        Well, those pants weren't going to rip themselves.

    Aren't these early screenings offered to "press" (read: bloggers) so long as they offer a positive response? All this love is "personal opinion" which might change when they actually sit down to review the film.

    Yes, this is a marketing tool.

    Yes, DC has a lot to answer for. Even their bottom line is nowhere near what they were hoping with their last few efforts.

    Yes, there have been solo female superhero outings before, but let's not dwell on them...

    Regardless of the actual critical teception, don't let the media's deceptive tactics steer you from seeing this. If it's actually a decent film, it's an IMPORTANT one.

    If nobody goes to see it, the studios will hear. Loud and clear.

    Ah guys? Turns out these AREN'T fan reactions from a fan screening. JoBlo for instance has their actual reviewer praising it. The actual embargo lifted on it, turns out DC has allowed, this time, for the embargo to drop almost three weeks ahead due to confidence in it, unlike SS and BVS which were held up until nearly the day of release.

    Holy crap :O

      People won't care, you can see they've already made up their mind the film can not be good. Which is sad.

        It is sad. I'm a DC fan, I even love the BVS Ultimate Cut (I've said MANY times I hate the cinematic one but love the bluray ultimate cut). However, I've approached Wonder Woman with an open mind. First, they hired Patty Jenkins, which was a master stroke. While one can argue that a good director can make a good film, I heartily stand by the ideal that a woman's perspective was needed to nail the perspective this movie needed, not a man assuming what a woman's perspective would be. Then, it received a far lower budget, a good move meaning it wasn't automatically doomed to failure like BVS was when its budget blew out to 250, rumored to cross 300. Then, the marketing, the gloriously well done marketing (sans that slim shit). They've done everything so well for this movie. Yet people still want to hate. I get they've been burnt twice (Fuck you guys, Man of Steel was not bad :P ) but this movies not deserving of the scorn it's getting and the hate campaign online nerds are mounting.

          I personally loved Man of Steel and really enjoyed BvS and connected with those films on a better emotional level than "yay, fun, boom, cool, that's funny!" with Marvel.

          People just want to hate and pit them against each other and complain they aren't the same, where as that is a good thing!

          Also the nit picking. I did not think BvS theatrical cut was that hard to interpret, but people seem to think anything not explained in a monologue is a flaw.

            I don't agree with your final line at all, the fact is that scenes cut in the cinematic version made the movie a jarring mess. Removing scenes that weren't even alluded to, such as Clark Kent doing investigative journalism, meeting up with families and being moved emotively to actually go and intercept the Batman rather than just "He intercepts the Batman because REASONS" cannot be put down to 'well you had to fill in the blanks so it's your fault!' that was simply a poor editing choice. Add into that, the CIA's interference at the beginning changing the entire dynamic, Luthors interactions with Steppenwolf at the end, Superman actually hanging around at the Capitol helping and finding out Scoot McNairies chair was lined with lead the whole time?... a whole plethora of things. The simple fact is, BVS was a disjointed mess only made more obvious by its own Extended Cut, that's *really* not arguable as an extended cut actually exists proving it. It wasn't a hard movie to interpret as such, it just did not have a good flow in comparison to its ultimate cut which fleshed every seemingly bad reason out, turning them into logical ones.

              I actually have yet to watched the extended cut. Just in cinema and a couple time son long haul flights.

              I disagree that it was too vague for why Clark wants to investigate Batman. He presents a case to his editor asking for permission and says why. That is enough. Extended edition may have more background, but it's not needed.

              The whole CIA thing, and that plot is a bit vague and a bit of a "james bond opening scene unrelated to anything else" at first. Later on it makes some more sense with Lex manipulating things behind the scenes.

              I don't disagree that the extended cut is better (despite not watching it yet) but before that came to light, so many complaints were people not really willing to fill in any blanks.

                Honestly and respectfully youre not in a place to argue that til you watch it, you cannot argue somethings worth when you have no idea over that things value, so we will respectfully end it here.

                  I'm not arguing anything negative against the directors cut. I'm just saying the original cut was still adequate.

    I might be in the minority, but I actually thought BvS (ultimate edition) was quite good.

    In fact, I really enjoyed everything up until the "last bad guy". Then it all just got too chaotic... and tbh seemed a bit forced.

      I hated the cinematic cut with how much was taken out of it, it ruined the film for me. Just so butchered, but the Ultimate Cut was gloriously good in my eyes, loved it.

    I think Wonder Woman was a smart play. People are primed to mock anything DC releases, but media outlets aren't going to be as quick to blast the first female lead in a Marvel/DC movie since the MCU took off. Done right Aquaman will be an easy win. Aquaman's badass king of the sea and master of giant sharks reboot always gets people excited when they see it for the first time.
    Justice League's story should be too big to get dragged down into the stuff that hurt the previous movies. The Batman, done right, should be enough to explain how Batman got dragged down so far while also showing Batman's attempts at redemption after the events of BvS showed him how far off the rails he was. It'll be tough though.

    I'm not getting my hopes up, but critics easing up on Wonder Woman could be the key to DC's cinematic universe getting off the ropes. The only major issue is The Flash. It's been too public with it's problems and it's running against TV's The Flash. The public problems will encourage people to nit pick while the TV show gives it an impossible standard to meet. They have to beat a really good show with a lot of heart, positivity and back story that we already love. Released too soon and it'll make anything good before it look like a fluke.

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