The Mountain Cave Is The Biggest LEGO Minecraft Set Yet

Coming July 1 to a LEGO store near you, the 2863 piece Mountain Cave set is the most ambitious (and most expensive) official LEGO Minecraft set yet. As an added bonus, it actually looks like a mine someone has crafted.

Last year's Village set was nice, but it didn't exactly scream "mine". Standing 31cm tall, 53cm wide and 29cm deep, the Mountain Cave set is a relatively massive monument to the practice of removing cubes from the blocky Earth.

The set features a motley cast of character primed to plumb its depths, careful to avoid things like spider generators...

... which seem like a very bad idea, as well as lighted lava elements...

... which are a much better one.

LEGO has released a video for the set, including an unboxing and building by the folks at Mojang.

And here's a handy list of features:

  • Features a minecart track with an integrated redstone-powered minecart elevator; two minecarts; first-night shelter with bed, crafting table and torch; a mountaintop shelter with bed, torch and furnace; plus a light brick, trees, waterfall, lava and extra torches.
  • Open up the model to access the detailed interior and remodel with easy-to-connect modular sections.
  • Remove the diamond ore elements and activate the lava burst function.
  • Activate the revolving cave-spider spawner.
  • Trigger the charged Creeper explosion function.
  • Jump aboard the minecart and race around the track, and travel to the mountaintop aboard the redstone powered minecart elevator.
  • Blast through the mountain with the TNT to extend the rail track.
  • Position the light brick to illuminate the rotating spider-spawner, wall of redstone, jack o'lantern, first-night-shelter, furnace, lava or the torch above the cave entrance.
  • Enjoy easy access to the detailed interior.
  • Put on your golden armour, grab your diamond sword and shield, and prepare for battle!

It's an entire child's birthday in a box, basically. The LEGO Minecraft Mountain Cave set will be available in LEGO stores and the online LEGO Shop on July 1. Australian pricing has not yet been confirmed, but it's $US249.99, so judging by previous sets we expect it to cost $399.99 in Australia.


    Ouch, that costs a fair bit. Probably won't be that many in stock at that price as the market for something that big is going to be a bit smaller, so less chance of it going on sale either.

    Looks like a fun set! Definitely the best Minecraft Lego set yet. I've never bought any of the other ones, but this one looks cool.

    I think Darren is right - larger sets get less stock, and rarely go on sale. Sometimes stores have 20% off all Lego though, so maybe that's the best bet :)

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