There Might Be A Way To Play ARMS's Warmup Mode Outside Of The Beta

Image: Nintendo

It's a trick that supposedly only works if you've completed the ARMS tutorial when the beta was live. But if you have, and you want to muck around with ARMS' warmup mode before the next beta window opens, there might be a way.

NefariousSquid discovered that - again, only if you have save data past the tutorial - if you enable proxy settings and set the server address to a fake IP, you can fool around with some target practice for a couple of minutes.

Here's the full list of instructions from NefariousSquid:

  • On your Nintendo Switch, go to System Settings -> Internet -> Internet Settings -> [your network] -> Change Settings.
  • Enable proxy settings, and change the server address to (or some other fake address).
  • Save, then open the ARMS Global Testpunch.
  • Select Party Match, select a character, then go to Warm-Up.

If you haven't played the beta yet, you'll be presented with a tutorial for either one or two players - but you won't be able to try either. So this is really only a way for people who have already spent an hour or two with the game to continue warming up until the beta reopens on June 3.

Here's When You Can Play The ARMS Beta

For whatever reason, Nintendo only likes to run their betas in hour-long blocks. So if you'd like to know when you need to be available to give ARMS a go this weekend, here's a handy guide.

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For those who did play in the beta, give this a go. Especially since Nintendo has got about a week to patch it out.


    With two players this can effectively be a two person local match as well. Just target each other and go at it - no health meter though

    Mate, I can wait two weeks!

      How about five days? Next weekend's a testpunch too.

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