There's Finally Another Dancing Skeleton Theme On The PS4

The Playstation Store has tons of themes for you to choose from and one of the newest includes a reggae skeleton shaking his bones and dreads to some chill Jamaican beats.

The theme comes from Mass Creation, but it's not the outfit's first time. They released one last December that featured not one but THREE different skeletons dancing on a pier at the beach.

Even before the Tropical Skeletons theme, however, there was this Rasta Reggae Skull, whose stereotypical "Maaan" is somewhat offset by the unsettling specter of death.

But lest you think that Mass Creation has some morbid obsession with skeletons, here's a theme called Bandanna Cat 4K. It's not dynamic, but does it really need to be?

Weird-arse console themes have been a thing going back to the Playstation 3, which had plenty of its own. But as with any next-gen leap, everything went up a notch with the PS4.

There's a bacon theme that sizzles while you try to delete old games to make room for ungodly-sized patches. And who could forget the one dedicated to Corn?

With any luck, this is just the beginning in a resurgence in skeletons as rad symbols of simply not giving a fuck. Pogs took skulls out of the hands of ageing bikers and made them cultural touchstones for 90s tweens everywhere. We can only hope that Playstation themes can do the same for future generations.


    Not the dynamic theme we asked for but the dynamic theme we deserve.

    I would turn my PS4 off every time I turned it on due to the level of spooks

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