Berserk Manga Is Taking A Break. Again. 

Manga artist Kentaro Miura is best known for two things: His Berserk manga and taking breaks from said Berserk manga.

[Image: Berserk Wikia]

Earlier this year, Miura returned from hiatus in March. This break began last September. That was after Berserk had returned that June from yet another hiatus.

Recently, it was announced that Berserk will go on hiatus yet again, with the latest break ending this summer.

As frequent as Miura's breaks are, he's still no match for Hunter X Hunter creator Yoshihiro Togashi, AKA "The King of Hiatus".


    *hangs sign on front wind* Ten years of island life ahead.

    He's acheived so much despite taking long breaks at times. Perhaps other manga artists need to take a step back and rest and reflect on their work and life as well, instead of going non stop.

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