Bethesda Announces 'Creation Club' For Fallout 4 And Skyrim

Remember paid mods and the fiasco that ensued after they launched? Well, Bethesda wants you to know that Creation Club — coming this summer to Skyrim and Fallout 4 — isn't that. But it does sound kinda similar.

The basic idea is that developers within Bethesda as well as "some with external partners who have worked on our games, and some ... external creators" will produce new content for those two games, which they will be paid for, and you'll be able to buy.

Previously created mods, however, will not be eligible, and everything that comes out of the program will be "approved, curated, and taken through the full internal dev cycle; including localisation, polishing, and testing." Bethesda will be paying any modders involved, and they will be offering dev support, as well.

So basically, it's Bethesda's new, far less haphazard take on paid mods. Or rather, it's kind of a midpoint between paid mods and full-on DLC. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. It's coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One this winter.


    fallout 4 DLC was abysmal. So rather than fixing it, they are doing this. *sigh*

    I guess if its polished, its not a *terrible* idea. However, I can see this running afoul of Steam, which is the reason why Dragon Age onwards became Origin only (as EA wanted to sell its DLC without Steam getting a cut).

      Won't be through Steam, it will be through Bethesda themselves. It's how they support Console mods, you go to and click which you want to install and when you launch the game, they are downloaded and installed (or you can also browse via the game iirc).

      The video shows the mods being purchased using some special currency (Bethesda coins?). Whether it complies with Steam's terms of service would depend on how you acquire that currency.

      If you buy the currency through Steam itself so Valve gets a cut, then I doubt there would be a problem. I imagine they'd have to do the same thing to get Sony and Microsoft on board for consoles.

      I doubt it'll matter.

      Bethesda's current mod site for Fallout 4 has nothing to do with Steam. You log in within the game itself using a Bethesda account, and Steam doesn't even factor in.

      And there are already games on Steam that have microtransactions and the likes that aren't processed through Steam.

        I don't think your getting the point - Valve is at liberty to stop selling FO4\Skyrim\Etc as a paid DLC system outside of its own (well without the ability to purchase thru its own) is against its own TOC.

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    If the idea is to have a larger amount of GOOD QUALITY content available, where someone has already worked through all the usual mod compatibility headaches, it actually seems like a pretty good idea. I've spent entire weekends getting a dozen new mods to work together properly, so if I can spend $5 and have it all work automagically that's great...

    However I'm about 90% sure that's not how it will work...

    So, they're resurrecting the idea that they tried through Steam - an idea that had very, very little support and was quickly abandoned... except now it's not through Steam, and it uses Bethesda Credits or whatever nonsense they've invented.

    Can't wait for 300 credit ($25 minimum purchase only) Horse Armour by xXx_420DRAGONBORN420_xXx.

      To be fair, they had zero intention to curate, test or polish any of the paid modder content the first time around.

      This alone would actually make it a vastly different beast... IF they actually do all they claim they're going to.

        Bethesda doing what they claim to they will do.

        That's like expecting that shady used car salesman that chews on a toothpick and flips a dime in his hand to not sell you a lemon and not loanshark you with the financing!

    The absolute worst thing bethesda or any company has done so far.

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    I just wish they'd make a new game to pull this BS on. Leave poor Dragonborn alone. He fought his battles he won em all, he built a house and shouted his jarl off a cliff let him rest!

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