Everything Bethesda Announced At E3 2017

It was a "Nazi with a strawberry milkshake" kinda night.

Bethesda won the award for latest E3 press conference of 2017, bringing us a late-night event from BethesdaLand, their own self-styled amusement park. Among other things they debuted sequels to Wolfenstein and The Evil Within, along with a new Dishonored game.

There weren't any huge surprises, but at least they kept things moving along. And there's no deying that Wolfenstein II trailer was good shit.

Let's get into it.

Fallout 4 VR hits in October of 2017, and Doom is also getting a VR game.

Fallout 4 will be entirely playable in VR (watch here), and more importantly, that VR version is coming this fall. I'll definitely check that out. Doom VR looks like a bit of a one-way-ticket to vomitville, but that doesn't mean I won't play it.

The "Creation Club" will bring paid mods to Bethesda games.

The new Creation Club looks like it will allow Bethesda and various outside developers to create mods and other content for Bethesda games. You'll have to spend credits to download new content, and it's a safe bet that credits will cost money. Basically, another crack at paid mods after the first attempt failed.

You can use an Amiibo to dress up as Link in Skyrim on Switch.

My boss Stephen Totilo called this during the pre-show with Geoff Keighley. Good job, Stephen.

Dishonored Gets A New Adventure In September.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider comes out on September 15 2017. It's a standalone adventure that will star a mechanically augmented Billie Lurk alongside her old mentor Doud, just like the two-part DLC for the first Dishonored. Given that that DLC was arguably (inarguably?) better than the main game, I've got high hopes.

The Evil Within 2 is coming Friday the 13th of October.

This was a pretty damn slick trailer, though the story stuff was lost on me since I didn't finish the first game. The gameplay looks a lot faster than in the original, but who can really say based on a trailer?

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Looks Extremely Good.

Apparently BJ Blazkovitz survived the end of The New Order, along with a surprising number of the main cast from the first game. Bethesda showed off a surprising amount of the game in a big trailer, along with a ton of cutscenes and gameplay. It's out in October, and I want to play it super bad.

Couple other things: The Elder Scrolls Legends card game gets Skyrim content on June 29, there was a new trailer for some Elder Scrolls Online stuff, and Quake: Champions will get its own world championships on August 26 at QuakeCon.

We'll be back tomorrow for Ubisoft and Sony, and covering the rest of the show all week.


    Thumbs up to Bethesda for adding the Horse Armour reference in the Creation club video :)

    That was really pathetic.

      Really? I'm thoroughly intrigued by Evil Within 2. First was janky but it did have a certain charm.

      Wolfenstein though? Wow. TNO was suprise hit. TOB was okay but still fun. If they can do the same as TNO and learn from Doom then it's gonna be a cracker!

      The rest? Meh.

      Last edited 12/06/17 5:01 pm

    hopefully after this we will get a singleplayer Quake like the original, never liked the strogg

    Creation club will fail on PC.

      This guy put the whole thing into greater ms on RPS:
      upupup says:
      This is just another attempt to ease in the idea of paid mods which, in any shape or form, is still a terrible idea that isn’t in anyone’s interest bar the big companies pushing it. All the guarantees they give mean absolutely nothing when the other party consists of thousands of tiny players who won’t be able to hold them to their word. There’s lots of reasons for this:

      – The foundation of modding is freely sharing one’s work and ideas. Mod interdependence is a good thing that should not be discouraged by giving people a stake in screwing each other over on who owns what and harassing others over wanting compensation. There’s enough modding drama already without adding money as a factor. Just look at the list of mods involved in any big mod and imagine the nightmare of giving every person in every team for every mod their ‘due’, or even figuring out who legally owns what to begin with.

      – For those that want make money there have always been options anyway, from it being a good way to find employment in the industry or serve as a staging ground for their own projects. This nothing new. There is also no need to use the hypothetical of a handful of modders who might have genuinely profited from this change when their skills would translate to well-paying positions anyway, especially when the community as a whole would suffer for it.

      – One of the reasons modding projects haven’t been systemically stamped out already through C&D’s is that it hasn’t been profitable to do so. Once you give companies incentive to either pressure people into turning their free mod into a paid mod (from which the company will get a cut, of course) or halt their project to make room for someone who will with the threat of legal action, you’ll this change very quickly. It won’t matter if these projects are legally in the clear, because all these small projects won’t have the financial clout or legal knowledge to defend themselves.

      – Bethesda doesn’t need to profit from all the work of others tangentially related to theirs but not made by them now and forever until the end of all, which is the real purpose of this. This is a perversion of copyright, not its intent.

      – Adding money as a ‘motivator’ is no guarantee for quality or good support, so it is not as if we’ll suddenly see an increase in modding quality. Modders already put unreasonable amounts of effort into their projects because it is their passion and adding money won’t somehow allow them to put in 110%. Besides, what tends to get more support: paid for games or the projects maintained by fans?

      – Most importantly however, and something which tends to get severely underappreciated, is that we should not be encouraging people to see every aspect of their lives as something to be monetised. People should have room to have hobbies that are valuable for their own sake and without any pressure to at some point turn it into a source of income. Just let people enjoy what they do without whispering to them not being paid for it means it’s not being appreciated.

    Was hoping for a new IP but if Bethesda are going to follow the style of only talking about that year's games at E3 then next year should blow my socks off!

      Kinda weirded out by how it feels like they're trying to find the best way to turn their community into gold. Like a mad alchemist​ with a dodgey moral compass.

    Was a really weak conference. Hoping for some good stuff coming up from the other publishers.

    Aside from Wolfenstein that was a pretty weak line up to me. But the presentation itself was fantastic, with the cute animation throughout! Weird but awesome.

    I am so excited by the evil
    Within 2 I can't contain myself right now!!!!!

    Wolfenstein 2 trailer... WOW. Bethesda wins already.

      True that, game of the show so far.

      The only thing that could top it is a new Metroid.

    more dishonored is always welcome but im disappointed starfield wasnt mentioned

    Machine games is always on point. this just means that October is going to destroy my bank account. I wonder if we will kill Frau Engle in this game or she survives for a few more like Deathshead

    I'm amazed that they're bringing out more Dishonored. I loved the first game but couldn't get in to the sequel for some reason. I also had the impression that both games didn't sell very well. Must be selling alright then?

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