Beyond Good & Evil 2 Lives, And It’s A Prequel

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Lives, And It’s A Prequel

In a world where we can actually play Duke Nukem Forever and The Last Guardian, we will soon be able to play the Beyond Good & Evil sequel nearly a decade in the making. It’s safe to say soon, right? Ubisoft just ended their E3 press conference with a trailer for it.

The sequel was announced in May of 2008 and in 2016 the series’ lead creator said the game was in pre-production. And now? It’s a prequel set before Jade’s birth. And it’s also a seamless online world.

The original 2003 Beyond Good & Evil is a renowned third-person action adventure featuring a hero named Jade who teams up with a pig-man named Pey’j to revolt against a villain named DomZ who has taken over the land of Hillys. The game was colourful, spirited and enhanced with a great photography system that challenged players to snap photos of the game’s amazing creatures while also fighting bad guys.


  • Will have to play through the original again, although I hope the name isnt final. Get rid of the 2 if it’s a prequel please.

    Also, Switch FTW.

  • Games we never thought we’d see:

    1. Duke Nukem Forever
    2. The Last Guardian
    3. Beyond Good and Evil 2

    3…. HL3 confirmed.

  • I’m not really sure whether I dig this.

    The first game was innocent, bright and colourful. It was part of its charm. This is the complete opposite of that.

    • I agree. The pig man was the only thing to remind me of Beyond Good and Evil. The tone has completely changed, and the main characters are now criminals.

    • I seem to recall the first having human (/sentient animal) trafficking as its main theme. with a corrupt government sector covering it up.

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