EA Announces Need For Speed Payback

Today Electronic Arts revealed its next vroom-vroom game, Need for Speed Payback, which will be out November 10 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Developed by the Swedish studio Ghost Games, Need for Speed Payback appears to be heavily inspired by the Fast and the Furious movies, which ain't a bad thing.

You can see the first trailer above. EA will talk more about the game next week during its pre-E3 event, EA Play, which starts on Sunday, June 11. Prepare for lots of vroom-vrooms.


    I could get behind this. My last racing game (besides Mario Kart) was Need for Speed underground.

    Even after the somewhat disappointing previous game, I find it impossible not to get excited for this. I've owned every NFS game ever released and on the whole, I'm happy it hasn't been axed.

    The last Need For Speed game, if you could get past the cheesy FMVs, was some silly fun and this looks like it's building off the same systems so could be alright.

    Nope. Game will probably have a collector's edition with fidget spinners.

    There was a time when you went to the rental/store and the EA branding was a seal of quality- sadly those days are long gone.

      Back when it was EA Games - Challenge Everything!

        now days 'challenge everything' means 'challenge your customers to stick with you and your brand' - which all in all, they do, as it would be so easy to walk away.

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