New Gran Turismo Racing Wheel Only Costs $800

[Image: 4Gamer]

Thrustmaster's forthcoming T-GT high-end racing that will be available when Gran Turismo Sport hits later this fall. It will be expensive.

According to 4Gamer, GT Planet and TjrSim, the wheel is priced at $US799.99 plus tax. (Australian pricing is not available at the time of writing.)

[Image: 4Gamer]

You get the wheel set up, a three-pedal set, and the power supply that looks like a turbo charger.

[Image: 4Gamer]

It is not, however, an actual turbo charger.

[Image: 4Gamer]

The wheel has a new motor, an integrated cooling system, sensors to accurately detect handle position, and a new direct feedback feature. The wheel is outfitted with knobs, a dpad, and face buttons so players can easily toggle through menus.

[Image: 4Gamer]

On paper, the T-GT sure sounds impressive, with Thrustmaster spending 16,000 engineer hours trying faithfully reproduce the most realistic driving experience possible. That doesn't come cheap!


    For this level of hardware, 800 isn't bad.

    The G25 was 500 when it launched, and that was basically a blender inside.

    Wow, the leather wrap on that wheel looks terrible, for $1000+AUD id expect a little better quality, looks like the old steering wheel in my car that sat in the sun for 15 years.

    The rest of the setup looks cool so id still be keen to check it out as racing games are my jam but could never justify the cost because your starting to get into sim/cockpit territory at those prices

    Played the demo last night. After giving Forza 7 a good flogging recently, I can happily and confidently say that GT Sport is, IMHO, the better racing game. The physics are so much better, and it looks superb.....mind you I don't have a Xbox One X, but I do have a PS4Pro.

    Could you guys do a story on the compatible wheels for GT Sport? I'm not going to be able to justify a $1200 wheel (AUD pricing) for a game. $500 probably.......

    What are compatible wheels? And which are good Vs bad?

    Come on guys, GT Sport is big news, we all want to know this instead of some random person doing cosplay for some rare anime no one in this country cares about.

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