Nice Cosplay, Texas

A-Kon, a convention in Texas that attracts over 30,000 fans, was held between June 8-11 at the Fort Worth Convention Centre. Here's some of the best cosplay in attendance.

Both the video and photos below were shot by Mineralblu, and you can see more shots from A-Kon at his Facebook page.

Cosplay by Unknown & Haiden Hazard

Cosplay by Tatibayo

Cosplay by Medusa's Mirror

Cosplay by Atelier Heidi

Cosplay by Twinzik Cosplay

Cosplay by Byndo Gehk

Cosplay by Owl & Coffee, Zavage & Viverra Cosplay

Cosplay by Kaia Cosplay & NoodleRama Cosplay

Cosplay by Chris Smith

Cosplay by HH Cosplay

Cosplay by MikoMiko

Cosplay by Cosmic-Empress

Cosplay by Kevlar Cosplay, Atelier Heidi, Heidi O'Ferrall,SEC - C Cosplay, Sofia Qureshi, Black Horns Cosplay, Koholint Loire, Pluto Knights & Koholint Cosplay

Cosplay by Krystle Starr

Cosplay by Unknown

Cosplay by Ash Harley, Chlöé Harper, Crystal Ruiz, Long Ty, Darlene McEntee & Danielle Thomas

Cosplay by Heaven Cosplay

Cosplay by Ulfbert Wolfzerker

Cosplay by Sunlit Cosplay

Cosplay by Jennybelly

Cosplay by Best of 3 Cosplay & Jean Dill

Cosplay by Hushy Plushy Cosplay

Cosplay by Puns and Needles Cosplay

Cosplay by Joe Taito, Sledge, Nicole Althea Hoo, Su&Dom Cosplay,Madi Elizabeth Nox Fleuret & Themadihatter

Cosplay by Hane Cosplay

Cosplay by Alexa Rynay Haller

Cosplay by Tot Cosplay


    Any chance these cosplay pages could be setup with thumbnails so that they don't take 15 minutes to load?

    Can you please put in what the cosplay is from in future? Sometimes it's not obvious or you might even want to compare it to the real thing.

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