Nokia’s New Phones Will Start From $249 In Australia

Aside from the classic 3310 dumbphone, Nokia announced a trio of affordable phones earlier this year. Sporting Gorilla Glass 5 screens and running on Android’s Nougat, the phones will be available locally starting from $249.

$249 is the current RRP for the lowest of the new phones from the Finnish manufacturer, with the Nokia 3 sporting a 5-inch IPS display and shipping in matte black or silver white. You have the same colour options on the higher-end Nokia 5 and Nokia 6, but they come with a 5.2-inch and 5.5-inch displays respectively.

The main differences between the phone are the cameras, storage and RAM, with the Nokia 5 and 6 featuring octa-core Snapdragon CPUs compared to the quad-core MediaTEK offering in the Nokia 3. All three models have a 8MP camera on the front, while only the Nokia 6 has a 1080p screen.

Here’s the full price list, as announced this morning:

Nokia 3: $249, 1280×720 5-inch IPS display, quad-core 1.3GHz MediaTEK CPU, 8MP rear/front cameras, 2GB RAM, 16GB + microSD storage

Nokia 5: $329, 1280×720 5.2-inch IPS display, octa-core Snapdragon 430 CPU, 13MP rear/8MP front cameras, 2GB RAM, 16GB + microSD storage

Nokia 6: $399, 1920×1080 5.5-inch IPS display, octa-core Snapdragon 430 CPU, 16MP rear/8MP front cameras, 4GB RAM, 32GB + microSD storage


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