Shadow Of The Colossus Gets Stunning PS4 Remake

Not content with one HD re-release, Team Ico's classic Shadow of the Colossus is now making its way to another PlayStation console, with the announcement today of a version for the PS4.

While the PS3 edition was a remaster, this looks like a full-on remake. It's out in 2018.


    I knew there was a reason I subconsciously put off playing the PS3 version!

      Same! It has nothing to do with being years behind on all those must play games from last gen. I'm just waiting for the inevitable HD remakes of the ones worth playing. :P

        Years behind last gen? I'm still behind on the two gens before that! :P.

      May as well wait for the PS6 remaster, it'll be better.

    Oh Man, I would've loved to see Nomad Colossus's reaction to this announcement. :D

      Nomad Colossus: ".....I quit!"

      [Nomad Colossus proceeds to put on a bower hat, pulls a large suit case from behind a mountain and leaves.]

    Remake? Can we possibly dream that they include some of all that content that got cut from the first!?

    Do not want.

    Port the original and I'll buy it. I want absolutely nothing to do with a remake. The janky animation and everything is part of that game's charm. By doing it over with slick AAA production values and smooth animation and everything you're utterly missing the point. Especially when it seems like they're replacing the music (trailer music was definitely not the original maudlin score) and Ueda doesn't seem to be involved.

    This is like someone making a knockoff of the Mona Lisa with crayons and everyone just sits around praising the bright colors.

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