The Shadow Of The Colossus PS4 Remake Looks Fantastic

It's always nice when you get a remaster so good that it improves upon your memories of the original.

BluePoint Games is a studio in Austin, Texas that's gotten a bit of a reputation for being the masters of, well, remasters. Having worked on the Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection a couple of years back, the same company is now responsible for remaking Shadow of the Colossus for the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Shadow of the Colossus has already been remastered once for the PS3, of course. But as per Digital Foundry's comparison below (with the PS4 footage against the PS3 remake and the PS2 original), Shadow of the Colossus has been remade from the ground up.

The draw distance has been extended substantially; environments have been recreated; a new lighting engine has been added; and detail has been greatly increased, as you'd expect for a console two generations beyond what the original game was released on. Hell, just the difference in the forest scenes alone are remarkable.

If you never played Shadow of the Colossus originally, now's as good a time as any to jump on board. The fact that the game runs as a buttery smooth frame rate in performance mode and an improved control scheme is just the icing on the cake.


    Of course, they’re still going to charge us for the privilege. I’m warm much more to backward compatibility and not having to pay multiple times for games I already own.

      Of course they are. They are a business and they have made a financial investment to make this happen - they deserve a return.

      I have been playing this for the past couple days. I can't overstate just how impressive this remaster is.

      I totally understand where you're coming from, but there is no doubt that a tremendous amount of work has gone into this. Bluepoint have achieved something incredible. Having played the original several times and also the PS3 remaster, I consider this to be one of my absolute favourite games but one I have experienced many times.

      Even with this being said, this remaster is utterly transformative to the experience and really makes everything feel fresh. I don't buy remasters - I also generally don't like buying the same game twice - however I wholly believe they have every right to charge $49 for this. It's just that good.

      Backwards compatibility would just give you the crusty old PS2 version, maybe with a better frame rate and some upscaling. It wouldn't be anywhere near the kind of quality of a full remake from the ground up like this.

      I'm cool with it. Backwards compatibility is nice, but I often find old games feel dated to play, and I avoid them. Never really liked those PS2 and PS1 game emulations on the store, and this is one of the games that turned me into a console only gamer from years of being a PC gamer.

      I'm happy that a new generation of gamers will get to play a fresh looking version and hopefully rediscover that magic.

        I take your point, but I think if anything, the raft of back compat games from Microsoft has shown that aged games actually still look and work pretty darn good on contemporary hardware.

        That being said, I don’t really care what other people spend their money on ... I’ll just continue to be precious about my own cash. want them to do a whole heap of work for free? When old movies are remade do you demand the cinema lets you in for free?

      Nobody is stopping you from playing the version you purchased on the console you purchased it for. don't already own the..wait..what?

    Can you still invert the camera control like the original? Or have they gone full Last Guardian and made it unplayable for the likes of me?

      No reason why you won't be able to invert the camera with this title. The Last Guardian had the option to invert X and Y axes for camera.

        Sure for the camera. But without aim control I could not play it. All the times you have to point that shield light at things. Infuriating.

        Same for this with the bow and arrow. If I can't invert I can't play.

      You'll be fine control-wise.

      As John Linneman puts it:
      Secondly, there's the controls - this is a game that has always exhibited somewhat laggy, unresponsive controls. While it's never stopped many from loving the game, the improvements made in this new release help make for a more playable game all around. It just plays better, but if you're a stickler for the original,, the team has offered the option to play with classic controls as well which more closely emulate the original game. Having both options in a remake helps strengthen its case as one of the best.

    I love the game but I am not buying this. Enough is enough. Better graphics doesn't change things. The story has been told twice and that's enough.
    Man, 2018 is really shaping up to be the year of ports and "enhanced" remakes.
    It's not sexy like it should be.

      Not just 2018 but last half of 17 as well.
      But look at things like the switch. Majority of its games are old ports and it's selling great. So band wagon it is for a while.

      I know what you mean, but I'm still buying this. I replay the game every few years or so, and I'm due for another replay. Better graphics and smoother framerates will make my replay feel more fresh. It felt that way when I played the PS3 remaster, and this PS4 version is a ground-up remake, so that feeling should be more intense.

        It also helps that they're not charging full price for it. $49 (according to JB website) is not unreasonable, considering how much work appears to have been put into this.

        I got the opposite feel from the PS3 version: It felt like a pig in lipstick.
        I still like my PS2 and some games belong there.
        It's fine that developers wanna make more cashdollars from their toils, but truthfully, I'm over polished turds.

      I never played this and I never owned a ps2 or ps3, I'm really glad it has been remade from scratch because it means I can enjoy it. 2018 isn't shaping up to be the year of ports at all. It's not a port either, its a complete remake. That's not porting it from one console to another.

        Yeah cool. You clearly read everything up there in that article and looked at all the release schedules for 2018.

          Uh dark souls is being remastered which is my favourite game and definitely deserving... what else? Some switch ports? I like being able to play older games on current hardware... call it a cash grab all you want, people actually WANT remasters and remakes. Its not like loot boxes.

          You're just upset you paid what, $100 or so dollars over time for a game and now its been remade? Don't be so cheap games are cheaper than ever anyway.

            Okay! I'll spend my money again on things I've finished with! Brilliant!
            Fuck savings and wise investments! Why make my money work for me when I can piss it away for the sake of completion, right?
            You're 100% right and I get what you're saying: We should all keep living with our parents for the video games until we're at least in our 30's.

              Chill out mate. You are projecting your worries onto other people. Buying a remaster has nothing to do with investing or living with your parents at 30.

                It's cool man. I wasn't having a personal go at you for still living with your folks.
                I'm merely reiterating that if you buy heaps of shit you don't need, you're likely not to buy a house and get your adult on anytime soon.

              You don't have to buy it again, its for people who haven't played it and people who have and consider it one of their favourites.. bluepoint specialize in remasters and remakes so its not like the original devs focused on it instead of a new IP (which when they did was a disaster anyway).

              Its 50 bucks. It's not a $1000 special edition you have to buy. You don't have to buy it, no ones going to kill you. My advice would be get a better job so you can afford a 50 dollar game, maybe not this one though because you already forked out money many years ago which is so fucked I reckon they remade it just to get money out of you again..

              Maybe you should make a wise investment so you can afford 50 dollars for a game... haha.. I bet everyone who's dying to play this remake would sympathise with you once they see you're "finished" with it. How dare they remake a classic thats 13 years old, they should have made us The Last Guardian 2!!!!

                Sorry, I'm not reading any of that. I realised that the fact you missed the PS2 makes you quite young and we have very little common ground on these matters. Not explaining how money works to you or why you should move out of your Mum's house.
                How cool are Shopkins though?

                  I had a gamecube and xbox. If you can't afford 50 dollars maybe you should move back home, doesn't sound like you can manage it well.

    Unsurprisingly, I have quite some attachment to this game.

    It's of interest to note that Bluepoint was also responsible for the PS3 remaster of Ico & SoTC.

    The remake certainly looks fantastic but, as others have noted on the relevant Eurogamer thread, the hazy, foggy, shimmery aspects that added so much to the game's atmosphere, have been lost in the transition to the full HD/2k/4k age. Of course, like the early Silent Hill titles, some of these design decisions owed more to hardware limitations than to the dictates of the art department. But still, it's a shame.

    That being said, will have to check this out.

      Thats the first thing i thought aswell. It looks too clean and lacks the atmosphere. I think the framerate may have something to do with this as well, the original was 20 to 30 fps rather than 60.

      Still a first day buy for me as im keen to experience it again.

      The overblown highlights, or bloom, so typical of the Team ICO graphical style, does seem to be subdued in this release. I wouldn't say it's lost, though. The DF analysis shows that Bluepoint did go considerable effort to keep some of the effect (7:45 in the video).

      I'm open to a style change, though. It'll still be a feast for the eyes, and I think it should be just as enjoyable, even though it's a departure from the usual style. Should be interesting to play through and see how I feel about it.

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