The Most Beautiful Gundam Zaku Model Ever Created 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is exhibiting a special Gundam Zaku model. It is lovely.

[Image: Kenji Toki | official site]

Made from traditional Japanese lacquer, the piece was created by Kyoto-born artist Kenji Toki, who specialises in exploring new ways to work with lacquerware.

[Image: FNN]

The Zaku's New York exhibition made the TV news in Japan.

Via Kenji Toki's official site, here are photos of 30cm Zaku. As you can see, the lacquer makes this the most beautiful Zaku model ever created.

[Image: Kenji Toki | official site]

[Image: Kenji Toki | official site]

[Image: Kenji Toki | official site]

Toki crafted several lacquerware Zaku mobile suits.

[Image: Kenji Toki | official site]

The Gundam Zaku will be exhibited at the Met until February 2018.


    Thats actually pretty awesome, I've been eyeing a perfect grade Zaku kit for a while now and this just makes me wish I could get a lacquer one.

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