Virtual Reality Mario Kart Looks Like It Could End Friendships Forever

Namco Bandai's VR ZONE amusement center in Shinjuku doesn't just have a Neon Genesis game. It also has virtual reality Mario Kart. And Dragon Ball Z.

If you're wondering how/why this is happening, remember that Namco Bandai has released a few arcade versions of Mario Kart, the latest of which — Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, which this appears to be — came out in 2013, and is based on Mario Kart 7.

VR Zone opens next month, and will also have virtual reality games based on Dragon Ball Z, fishing and pedal-powered flight.


    Mario Kart is going to be in virtual reality at next month's VR Zone? BANDAI NAMCO you are so driving me up the wall with your virtual reality and all your Dragon Ball Z action.

    Hmm, their website seems out of date then?
    There's no mention of Evangelion, or DBZ, or Mario Kart, they aren't taking reservations, and the dates refer to last year.
    I hope it will be operating in September when I'll be there.

      Ah, nevermind, either I somehow missed it before or they updated the website, but now it has a link to a proper, up-to-date place where you can get more info and buy tickets.

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