A KFC Branded Smartphone Is Coming To China

Because there's nothing that reminds people of fried chicken more than a slick new smartphone. (And yes, this is real.)

[Image: KFC]

To celebrate 30 years of KFC in China, Huawei is releasing a Kentucky Fried Chicken phone. According to Tech Sina and NetEase, it will be available with 16GB or 32GB of memory.

[Image: KFC]

The phone is preloaded with a KFC delivery app and, as Ad Age explains, a music app that lets people picks the tunes at KFC restaurants in China. Via Shanghaiist, here's a look at the phone in action:


    The real question is whether the back case has a scratch and sniff function to smell like gross oily fried chicken?

    Its got the Colonel on the back of the phone and in the OS.

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