Grim Dawn Devs Celebrate 1 Million Sales With Sick Statue

Grim Dawn Devs Celebrate 1 Million Sales With Sick Statue
Image: Grim Dawn Forums

Not everybody cares about collectibles, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But when your team busts out a giant 3D printed figurine to mark the one million sales mark for your game, it’s hard not to be a little touched.

That was the case for the Grim Dawn developers, who decided to surprise designer Kamil Marczewski with a gorgeous 3D printed and professionally painted statue of one of the ARPG’s villains.

The statue came with a slightly grim, but touching note: “May this rest on your shelf, all but forgotten, until your children throw it away when you die.”

According to Marczewski, the note was poking fun at something he told the team previously about what extras were going to be included in the boxed editions of the game. “I was making an argument that I thought it would be cooler to have items people would actually want to use, so they weren’t just something that sat around on a shelf until forgotten,” he wrote.

He’s right, of course, but the situation changes markedly if you have some personal investment in the collectible. Especially if that represents the blood, sweat and tears you put in to bring that character to life.

As for Warden Krieg itself, the model was created on Shapeways and painted by the team at Den of Imagination in Poland. Here’s the statue after getting a base coat:

And after the first round of colouring:

Image: Grim Dawn Forums

The final product is pretty menacing. It reminds me of the level of detail and quality you see in a lot of figurines that Blizzard makes and manufactures.

Image: Grim Dawn Forums

For an extra dig, the Grim Dawn team handed over the Warden statue with a garbage bag. It’s always good when you work with a team that’s not afraid to be cheeky to their superiors.


  • Grim Dawn is hands down one of the best purchases I’ve made on Steam in recent years.

    • totally agree there, ive been following it for years, back in the days before kickstarter when they were still toiling away with next to no funding. its frankly remarkable what passion and hard work can do with actual money.

  • Grim Dawn is amazing. Makes that trash beta software called Diablo 3 look like hello kitty adventure.

  • Every time I read good articles about Grim Dawn, I feel bad that I haven’t finished it yet (at least campaign…) not even with 1 character! Such a good game. So under rated.

  • Um, a bit late I know, but the GD devs surprised lead designer and Crate CEO Arthur Bruno with the statue, not Kamil. Better read the link next time folks before posting your article.

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