Look At This Bad Mario Puzzle

Look At This Bad Mario Puzzle

Nintendo has released a one thousand piece Mario puzzle in the US, and there’s something wrong with it. Can you guess?

Look At This Bad Mario Puzzle

More than half the pieces in this box are the same exact colour. Has anyone who worked on this actually seen a puzzle before? I’m no puzzle expert, but that seems like a recipe for a bad time.

Americans can grab this puzzle for $US10 ($13) at GameStop, which I will be doing, because I need to know it is real. (An Australian release has not yet been confirmed.) “Everyone’s favourite video character of all-time comes to life in this beautifully colourful 1000-piece puzzle,” the product description reads. I guess red’s a nice colour.


  • A lot of puzzles are like that, adds to the difficulty and in some cases fun.

    It would have been nicer with a few other characters to break up all the red though.

    I would still give it a crack, get frustrated and tip my table though.

  • No I’m not very good with jigsaw puzzle pieces and it can get frustrating for me seeing which puzzle fits in which spot so no not interested in getting that Super Mario 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle set.

  • it’s not solid red though, is it? It looks like there are diagonal lines, which, while only marginally better, might help a bit with the jigs. Really depends on how uniform the jigs are.

  • At least it doesn’t seem to include the Only At GameStop logo on the actual puzzle.

  • It’s obviously a First one to solve it wins a million dollars kinda deal then.

  • Looks pretty easy compared to some I saw back in the 90’s.
    I can’t remember the name of it but the picture would be something like 100 white eggs and one brown egg. Also the puzzle was double sided with the same picture on both sides, no flat edges around the sides and around 5 extra pieces that didn’t actually fit in the puzzle.

    • Oh god, I remember those. Painful just to look at em. Pretty sure those edge pieces slotted into the opposite side of the puzzle as well, so it kinda wrapped around itself. Or am I thinking of a different series of puzzles?

  • I like doing the Wasgij jigsaw puzzles where you don’t get an image of the final picture, it instead shows a picture of a related scene.

    • Isn’t it usually a scene with heaps of stuff about to happen? So you have to do a jigsaw of the aftermath?

  • This is the issue with a lot of videogame puzzles. I have some cool stained glass window style Wind Waker ones which fill up most of the space, but ones with endless colour like this are horrible. I do have a pretty good Mario Bros one but it does have a bit of sky in one corner which is a bit of a pain. Thankfully it’s a gradient so you can sort it a bit.

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