The Best Animated Superman Series Gets The Toys It Deserves

The Best Animated Superman Series Gets The Toys It Deserves

The DC Collectors folks have been giving a lot of love to Batman: The Animated Series lately, with a series of action figures celebrating artist Bruce Timm’s iconic designs. But what of its brighter, bolder follow-up, Superman: The Animated Series? It’s time has come.

I like to imagine she’s about to slap him for some reason.

Available now, the Superman and Lois Lane two-pack ($78) kicks off DC’s ongoing plastic tribute to the Man of Steel. It’s a good place to start. Any Superman project needs these two to get off the ground.

The two-pack comes with both figures, a pair of stands, and six sets of extra hands (three for each character).

Extra hands are par for the course for premium action figures, but the DC Collectibles folks are super into them. There are no accessories for Lois or Clark to hold in the package. Why so many gripping fists? I imagine a person sitting in a hand-sculpting room somewhere, surrounded by piles and piles of these things.

Batgirl, also coming out next month, is framed by hands in her package.

Batgirl, also coming out next month, is framed by hands in her package.

I think Superman works just fine with only his balled fists, but it’s nice to have options.

There’s just something about Superman in the animated style. Bruce Timm’s designs do an outstanding job of capturing the essence of characters with shape and colour rather than fine detail. Superman is all shape and colour. He’s basically Timm’s style personified.

Look at that strong chin. That powerful chest. He’s all about truth, justice and the American way. If his cape weren’t rubber, it would be flapping dramatically in the wind.

But he isn’t important right now. What’s important is intrepid reporter Lois Lane, who is not impressed in the least. Look at that face. It looks like someone is giving her shit, and she is not having any of it.

It’s the heavy eyes. It’s the arched brow and pursed lips. She is a busy woman, and you’d better not be wasting her time.

Superman: The Animated Series‘ Lois Lane is eight pairs of hands-down my favourite version of the character, and this figure captures her perfectly.

Purple jacket and white mini? I wouldn’t wear it, but Lois makes it work.

Purple jacket and white mini? I wouldn’t wear it, but Lois makes it work.

It’s a strong start to a line that will hopefully grow to include a whole host of brightly-coloured plastic versions of Superman’s friends and enemies.


  • There likely aren’t going to be anymore S:TAS figures. DCC have basically said as much. If we’re lucky we’ll get a Luthor, but given even the B:TAS and TNBA lines look to be petering out it’s doubtful. Best case scenario, they pivot into JLU and release some Superman villains that way. Depends on how many of us are still willing to put up with the price point despite all the issues with the line.

  • I have a few of the BTAS toys but had to stop. The cost at upwards of $36.99 was just too expensive.

    For those without money issues, they are beautifully sculpted and a true fan would love them on display. Although I’m still debating whether to crack them open or not.

    • You should – because the packaging on the Batman figures are ugly –

      Also you should check out my photos of them out of packaging –
      @inanimatedseries on instagram … Just Sayin.

        • Oh, Cheers 🙂 Looking forward to getting the Superman figures myself! Thanks for following too! Outside of the big 7 I probably won’t have room or money for the JLU if that’s where they’re taking this series of toys.

          • Have they even hit Batman Beyond yet? Personally that’s the series which speaks to me. If they release those, I’m all in.

  • So… should I watch Superman: The Animated Series? What’s so great about it? I’ve never seen a single episode. I love Batman TAS and JLA/U. I’ve been coming around to Superman more and more as a character in certain comics, but never considered this series.

    These figures are gorgeous, though.

    • But as for Superman TAS goes his origin story in this is great, another great starting point is the episode – Knight Time – which is where Bruce Wayne goes missing and Superman has to team up with Tim Drake to find out where Batman has gone – you get a direct comparison as to why they’re both likable and different.

      -Speaking of which World’s Finest is the best on screen team up of two superheroes to date. Solid Writing –

      Mxyzpixilated is a goofy episode tha can only exist in the superman universe which is like Superman mashed with Looney Toons

      The Episodes where he fights Darkseid are his most fantasy based John Carter of Mars type stories

      For truly classic superman – I’d say you should track down those Fleischer cartoons – they’re pulpy.

      Also All Star Superman

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