You Know How The Death Of Superman Ends, But Watch This New Animated Movie Trailer Anyway

The next iconic DC Comics storyline to be adapted into animated form is The Death of Superman, and today we have a first look at what to expect.

The most memorable image from the iconic storyline.Image: DC/WB Animation

Debuting at IGN, this new promo shows some familiar beats from the best-selling saga, which is happening in the New 52-inflected version of the DC Animated Universe.

Jerry O'Connell does the voicework for Superman/Clark Kent this time around, with Rebecca Romijn and Rainn Wilson playing Lois Lane and Lex Luthor respectively.

The Death of Superman will be out this winter.



    After Ninja Batman which looked glorious, really not a fan of that animation look in this, it just looks underfinished and Doomsday himself looks amateurish. Why can they not go back to the original design for him. They were almost there but those two giant silly horns on his face and his 'slender look' make him look ridiculous.

    wait, Death of superman was already turn into an animated movie a couple of years back

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