The Internet Reacts To Doomfist, Overwatch’s New Character

The Internet Reacts To Doomfist, Overwatch’s New Character

Doomfist has only been out on the PTR for half a day, but Overwatch fans are already debating who to ship him with and wondering why he’s yet another character with his titty out.

Doomfist is a new offensive character for Overwatch, and one that has been hinted at since the game’s very first trailer. Every time a players were due a new character, fans have hoped for Doomfist. Terry Crews even campaigned to voice him. Now that he’s actually here, fans are beyond excited, even if Crews didn’t make the cut. Why? For one, his introductory animated short is really fun…

… even if he fucking killed Tracer.

Fans of the antagonistic Talon are also happy to discover that the team actually had two leaders, one of them being Doomfist. Some fans have noticed that team Talon has some questionable taste in shoes…


… while others wonder why Overwatch characters keep getting their titty out.

The least surprising reaction is that fans have started shipping Doomfist and Reaper, the other Talon leader. In fact, fans were shipping Doomfist and Reaper yesterday, before the character was officially announced. It makes sense: Doomfist a hot, buff guy with a giant fist. Please, don’t make me spell it out any more.

There’s even a poll to come up with a commonly agreed upon ship name. When the options include FistGabe and Fister, you know this ship is gonna be good as hell.

As for me, I can’t wait to give Doomfist’s fisting arm a try. I am not alone in this:

In the meantime, I’m just happy the Talon family is all back together again.


  • I don’t think Tracer is dead because he’s yanked her shiny thing off. They’ve established through the various backstories & stuff that her accelerator thing keeps her anchored in the “now” following the accident that screwed with her molecular make-up. Without it, she’ll be wildly bouncing around without being able to control the effect – but still effectively out of the fight until Winston fixes it.

    • Yeah, I thought the exact same thing 🙂

      No way would Blizzard kill off the poster child for Overwatch!

    • The Animated short is in the past anyway isn’t it? Winston defeated him and thats why he was locked in Helix?

        • I’m 90% confident that the animated short depicts past events as well as him punching his way out of his prison cell during Reapers Raid and then at the end shows him standing in Numbani again.

          watch again, his cell has newspaper clippings saying “Doomfist Defeated” and “Primal Punch, Gorilla from Moon saves the Day” it’s also in the OW lore that Winston has defeated one of the Doomfists.

  • I’m a little disappointed that Doomfist is probabaly only going to add to the current Meta instead of combat it. his abilities are all dive tactics so I can see him replacing Tracer or Genji in the roster but I’m a little tired of seeing the same heros used over and over with the same tactics.

    I would have liked to have seen him play as a more defensive character with Grabs and Throws, maybe even using an enemy member as a human shield to slow their attack. anyway, I guess we’ll see how it all plays out.

      • I agree but unless he gets some quick picks on the drop in to build up some shield hes going to fall pretty quickly.

        • Yeah, I don’t think he’ll be particularly durable. More disruptive and he’ll be able to get in behind Reinhardt’s shield pretty easily.

  • There’s even a poll to come up with a commonly agreed upon ship name. When the options include FistGabe and Fister, you know this ship is gonna be good as hell.

    My contributions:

  • Meh you cant stop Tracer that easy, she will just be buzzing in and out of existence and Numbani until Winston makes some sort high-tech thingie to restore her to the now.

  • Ok, first off the negative… Why the hell does almost every Overwatch story have to mention the “Ships”. Does the author have a Tumblr somewhere that needs attention or something? We really REALLY don’t need to know about other people’s weird headcanon ship fantasies all the freaking time when it comes to Overwatch. You never see other games have the ships mentioned in every single article!

    Now… The Positive. While it is sad that we didn’t get Terry Crews as the voice, they have at least finally put the character in the game at last and he doesn’t seem too bad of a character. The animated short for his introduction is awesome and makes me want to see an anime series based around the stories of Overwatch. Doomfist’s combo potential with Zarya and Mei is going to be SICK!!

    • Agreed on both fronts. Hate this shipping nonsense. Whilst I do see the relevance on a “The Internet Reacts…” article, this stuff just pops up far too frequently on Kotaku. It reminds me of a young kid playing with their Action Man and Barbie and making them kiss and bang each other, of course, without the inherent humour in that.

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