The Ultimate TLDR For Warcraft Lore

The Ultimate TLDR For Warcraft Lore

When it comes to Warcraft lore, there’s only extremes. You’re either reading snippets from in-game quests and descriptions or combing through swathes of text in a wiki. A new website called “WoW Lore TLDR” offers a compromise — it starts out as a compact account of Warcraft’s history, but thanks to some clever design work, lets you drill down into the details whenever you want.

According to the site’s creator “SinanDira”, WoW Lore TLDR covers “240 events nested into 29 statements nested into 4 summaries, all of which can be toggled individually”.

It remains a work-in-progress, with content stopping a bit before the events of World of Warcraft. As of right now it has four chapters, each around a paragraph in length. However, certain words or phrases are underlined. By hovering over these elements, you’ll see a pop-up about that topic containing more information.

But that’s not all. Each section also has a “tldr” shortcut that will expand the individual chapters into several boxouts, themselves packed with hoverable stuff. And if you want even more details, those boxouts can be expanded also.

As such, you can skip over the parts you’re not interested in, while diving deeper into the bits that do take your fancy. I’m not sure if it’s the absolute best way of navigating the lore of Warcraft, but it’s the most innovative approach I’ve seen.

The Warcraft Story [WoW Lore TLDR, via Reddit]


  • Warcraft lore is fun. For example, Warcraft 2 has two campaigns which is largely Human victory after Human victory, or Orc victory after Orc victory if you’re playing the Orc side. It turns only some of the events from both campaigns happened, and then a lot of it was retconned anyway.

    Almost all of the geography was retconned for WoW, which is for the best since pretty much every location in WC2 had water for naval combat. They really forced that meme in that game.

  • tldr Its usually just comes down to old gods or demons machinations. Find the corrupted… murder it!

    Corrupted Gods, Corrupted Titan Constructs, Corrupted Dragons, Corrupted Leaders, Corrupted Old Soldiers. The cure to all world’s problems is a 25 man murder fest!

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