There's A NES Emulator In The Switch, Codenamed 'Flog'

Image: Kotaku

If you've been waiting for Nintendo's library of old games to pop up on your Switch, good news. Modders have found files for a NES emulator on retail versions of the Switch.

As listed by the Switchbrew wiki, which is dedicated to homebrew software for Nintendo's hybrid console, the emulator software is codenamed "flog":

Image: Switchbrew Wiki

SourceGaming spotted the line earlier this morning. The wiki notes that doesn't seem to be any software that actually launches the internal emulator, although that could change down the road.

It's interesting that Nintendo opted to embed the emulator on the Switch hardware. According to the version notes, the emulator was included with the system software update that was released with the launch of the Switch.

It'll be fun to see whether Virtual Console titles use the emulator down the road (thereby minimising downloads). In the meantime, I'm just going to sit here and have a quiet chuckle over the name while rewatching cricket videos.


    Not sure why this wpuld be surprising since nintendo already stated that they were bringing NES titles, with added online, to their subscription service.

    And said service is soft-launching with splatoon next month, so the retro stuff might not be too far away.

    Or you can turn it around: if they are planning on selling titles from their older consoles on the Switch, why wouldn't they ship the emulation software along side the system firmware?

    I'm sure if you dissect the PlayStation 3 firmware blob you'll find the PS1 emulator used to play old discs or run games bought from the store.

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