Tokido Battles Back Through Losers Bracket To Win Evo Street Fighter 5 Championship

Tokido Battles Back Through Losers Bracket To Win Evo Street Fighter 5 Championship

Two titans of Street Fighter 5 clashed in Mandalay Bay, one on an undefeated streak and the other pressing on through the gauntlet of the loser’s bracket. After a bracket reset, longtime Street Fighter pro Tokido beat Punk 3-0 to take home the Evo 2017 championship trophy.

Victor “Punk” Woodley came into the top eight finals from the winner’s side, on a legendary tear through the Street Fighter 5 tournament. Woodley had dropped Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi into the loser’s side of the bracket, where he played through some of Street Fighter‘s toughest to earn a second shot at The Alpha.

Taniguchi on Akuma and Woodley on Karin, the two seemed to trade blow-for-blow, both playing crisp Street Fighter under the main stage lights. Each dash and throw was carefully calculated, as Taniguchi worked towards a bracket reset and Woodley was hard-pressed to maintain his lead.

The tension built up to a game four where both played a tense game of footsies on slivers of health. One misstep from Woodley into a fireball ended the round, and Taniguchi reset the bracket, starting up a fresh first-to-three and either player’s tournament to win.

Momentum in his favour, Taniguchi landed a perfect knockout on Woodley in the next game, and it looked like the match was slipping away from Punk. It ramped up more and more to a 2-0 lead for Tokido, putting Woodley on tournament point with a Raging Demon super.

One round from the win, Woodley staved off Taniguchi for a moment but couldn’t stop the onslaught. With a corner combo, Taniguchi finished the fight and secured his first Street Fighter 5 championship.

If you want to watch the whole grand finals, you can check them out on Twitch here.


  • Evo was so good this year and it is getting so big! It was good to see Tokido take out the title as he has been working at it for a while now. One of the best fights for Sfv I watched was fchamp vs Tokido.

    I didn’t have much respect for Punk leading up to Evo given his antics but have found I do now after Evo and that last battle. Will be interesting to see how he goes next year. He is only 18 years old and already at that skill level!

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