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Red Bull Conquest wrapped up its team-based fighting game competition in Washington, D.C., this past weekend, bringing Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, and Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 competitors together to decide which American city is the strongest.

Victor “Punk” Woodley, who famously placed second at Evo 2017, ending up winning the Street Fighter V tournament for New York City, but not before playing the heel against his grand finals opponent by opting to use the same character.


At first glance, the PC game Black Future '88 looks like too many other indie games, with its pixel art, synth music, and neon-infused cyberpunk aesthetic. But below the familiar surface is a well-defined roguelike with a surprisingly distinct identity forged in large part by the sheer force of creative will imposed by its maker, Don Bellenger.


Kicking off at 7:00AM today, eight Street Fighter 5 pros will face off in the Eleague play-offs and finals, which you can watch via live stream on YouTube Gaming, Twitch or ELeague Live. There are also two other Street Fighter 5 competitions happening this weekend as well -- Combo Breaker 2017, a premier tournament in the Capcom Pro Tour series, and Red Bull Kumite 2017, an SF5 invitational featuring two of Eleague's finalists in the lineup.