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At first glance, the PC game Black Future '88 looks like too many other indie games, with its pixel art, synth music, and neon-infused cyberpunk aesthetic. But below the familiar surface is a well-defined roguelike with a surprisingly distinct identity forged in large part by the sheer force of creative will imposed by its maker, Don Bellenger.


Kicking off at 7:00AM today, eight Street Fighter 5 pros will face off in the Eleague play-offs and finals, which you can watch via live stream on YouTube Gaming, Twitch or ELeague Live. There are also two other Street Fighter 5 competitions happening this weekend as well -- Combo Breaker 2017, a premier tournament in the Capcom Pro Tour series, and Red Bull Kumite 2017, an SF5 invitational featuring two of Eleague's finalists in the lineup.