Uncharted 2, As Told By Headshots

Uncharted 2, As Told By Headshots

Gamers like to challenge themselves with all sorts of handicaps, and one user opted to work his way through Uncharted 2. With headshots. Just headshots.

Called Uncharthead – an amazing name – the video series from Staggering Stew-Bum is a playthrough of the Uncharted series exclusively with headshots.

Headshot-only runs aren’t anything particularly new, of course, but watching the whole process sped up and tied to music makes it all the more entertaining. It’s also a good reason to replay through Uncharted 2, which is still the best Uncharted game in my book.

For the record, Sir Stew-Bum says he finished the game with precisely 921 headshots. That’s according to the before and after screenshots posted on his Tumblr, anyway. Around 77 enemies weren’t killed with a shot to the head, and the entire playthrough took 6 hours and 22 minutes.

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