Uncharted 3’s Aim Has Now Been Fixed

Uncharted 3’s Aim Has Now Been Fixed

As promised, you can now aim in Uncharted 3 a little more like you could in the first two games in the series. [Naughty Dog]


  • So I guess the people complaining about this “issue” will also be the ones complaining about ND not using dev time to release other new content and real bug fixes in a time frame to their liking?

    • No, there was a big thread on NeoGAF about this issue. I felt something was “off” too, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I thought it was just that the encounters were designed like shit.

      But no, that’s not what they will do at all. Plus I’m sure not the entire of ND was working on this bug fix, pretty sure DLC has already been released.

      • Yeah, this is a really good example of the community and a dev working together. Some mature gamers took the time to really identify the issue (the aim isn’t awful, just really weird), dand naughty dog issued a fix.v

  • Damnit, i need to finish this game. Stupid november having all the best releases at once.

    My wallet and spare time has suffered immensely.

  • Hooray, I finished the game one day before they fixed the aim.

    If they fix the melee combat maybe I’ll play it again. Stupid melee.. whoever thought it would be fun to lock the player into melee combat while dudes behind your character kill you with a single shot does NOT deserve a hug.

    • I noticed it felt different. I didn’t think it was a problem, though. Not better or worse, just different. On the plus side – this change gives me the flimsy pretext I need to replay it! 🙂

  • Like others said, something felt odd but at the time I truely thought it was the case of the enemy AI being better rather than the aiming being off. I’m sure it would have been more noticeable if I replayed the others directly before the new one.

    • There a videos that demonstrate the problem. The aim could be point blank unresponsive in certain circumstances. Lots off people noticed. I don’t think any claimed it ruined the game, but I appreciate what naughty dog have done and actually decided to wait got the patch.

  • Whilst they did that, I just finished Crushing difficult. I think I will go for another round and see how different it will feel.

  • Very good…I’ve been holding off from doing my “Hard” and “Crushing” run through in favour of this patch…I want to platinum the game (so it can sit next to the Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 2 Platinum) but the aiming really bothered me in UC3 and was holding me back from going for it

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